Civil Site Design Plus

Delivering exceptional value and power with AI design features and built-in AutoCAD

Are you looking for an alternative civil/site design solution due to rising costs, licensing nightmares, and increasing software complexity? Civil Site Design Plus is perfect for civil engineering and land surveying firms that want an easy-to-use, feature rich design software which allows them to maintain their Autodesk® standards.

​Why Should You Consider Civil Site Design Plus?

  • Includes a built-in version of the latest AutoCAD®
  • Supports your existing AutoCAD CUI and short cuts
  • Provides highly automated civil design tools
  • Includes a complete survey package - Stringer Topo
  • Can be learned quickly by junior designers and EITs
  • Provides subscription or perpetual licensing – single user or network
Civil Site Design Plus

ZenTek Consultants is the Premier Partner for Civil Site Design Plus in the U.S. and Canada, and we’d love the opportunity to show you how this amazing site design tool can dramatically improve your project output at a far lower cost than you’d imagine. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo today!

Learn more about Civil Site Design Plus by clicking on the tabs below

Project Assist in Civil Site Design Plus automates roundabout design

AI for Subdivision Design

Civil Site Design Plus with AI for subdivision design reduces the time it takes to lay out a subdivision road network from hours or days to just minutes.

With Project Assist, Civil Site Design Plus deduces your design intent based on how you name your alignments and learns as you make corrections.

Includes Full Feature Survey Software

Stringer Topo is now part of Civil Site Design Plus, providing you with both survey and design capability.

4K UltraHD

4K Upscaling

With Civil Site Design alignments are created from polylines either individually or automatically from all polylines on a specified layer. Once created, you have full control of the alignment properties, display characteristics and documentation.

Templates Eliminate Assemblies

Templates Eliminate Assemblies

Templates provide an intuitive way to define your road, curb, sidewalks, pond elements and related grading strings. Civil Site Design provides a number of examples that can be easily configured to conform to your standards.

Automated road and curb design

Automated Road Network Design

Once your alignments have been created, you can apply a template and generate the design for an entire subdivision with a single mouse click. You can also create all of your curb returns with a single mouse click saving you hours of time.

​This time saving process creates an initial vertical design for each road, applies your default template and allows you to view plan, profile and cross-sections simultaneously. All are tied together so changing the vertical design of one road updates all of the connected profiles.

Interactive, Intuitive Design Tools

Interactive, Intuitive Design Tools

The interactive design tools allow you to simultaneously access multiple windows of your design. You can open multiple profile views including curb returns and observe changes as a profile is updated. Same with cross-section views.

​The model viewer tool allows you to see the changes rendered in real time providing an intuitive perspective that helps experienced designers and greatly increases the productivity of new designers.

Real Time Interactive Visualization

Real Time Interactive Visualization

The unique Model Viewer not only assists your design process with real time rendering and visualization, it has a number of powerful analysis tools including line of sight analysis and reporting, automated line marking which can be exported to your CAD drawing.

​For those who want to render a design for visualization, you can extrude buildings, insert objects like street lights and vehicles and much more.

Grading Tools

Grading Tools

Simply using polylines and templates, the grading tools are great for modelling anything from basins, retaining walls, drains, and much more.​

The Vertical Grading Editor or Grid View can be used to manage the vertical design, whilst the horizontal geometry can be simply grip edited with real time updates in the drawing & model viewer.

Pipe Design

Pipe Design

The pipe design module allows you to easily layout your design with simple polylines, will assign pipes and structures and will generate your network automatically.

The CSD pipe designer, provides a powerful interface that displays pipes in relationship to the ground surface. Pipes are designed automatically based on minimum slope and design flows. Obstructions from other utilities are displayed and color coated based on minimum clearances.

Incoming pipes are also displayed and will control the manhole invert where appropriate.

Compare Civil Site Design Plus to just AutoCAD

With Civil Site Design Plus, you can work faster and smarter with powerful civil design tools running on top of AutoCAD. Below is a comparison of the civil/site tools you get in just AutoCAD versus those you get with Civil Site Design Plus.

AutoCAD Civil Site Design Plus (inc. AutoCAD)
COGO Points
Survey Linework
Raw survey data reduction and import
Survey Data (Legend) Tables
Multi Scaled Symbols
COGO Code Report and Validation
Cadastral Lines
QA/Comparison Reporting
Horizontal Distance tool
Survey utilities
Satellite Surface/Image Import
Point Cloud Import
XML Import/Export
Surface Paste
Surface Volumes
Water Drop
Model Viewer
Section Templates
Site Grading
Design Modelling
Alignment Design and Editing
Alignment Offsets
Alignment Labels
Inquiry Tools
Auto Create from Polylines
Section Templates
String Design
Curb Returns, Cul-de-sacs and Knuckles
Roundabout Tool
Design Modeling
Section Volume Reports
XML and GENIO export
Driveway Clearance Checker
Cross Sections
Tables and Reports
Stormwater Design
Sewer Design
Clash Detection
Pipe Profiles
Plan Labeling
Tables and Reports
Quantities and Design Reports
Exchange with DRAINS
1D HEC-RAS exchange
2D HEC-RAS exchange
Multiple Design Contributors
Data Exchange with Corridor EZ
Civil 3D Object Enabler
Dynamic Block Support
AutoLisp Support

Civil Site Design Cost & Leasing Information

Civil Site Design for AutoCAD is available as a perpetual license or subscription. Both options are available as single user and multi-user (network).

Perpetual licenses & Subscriptions include: Home Use License, One Year of Software Maintenance, and One Year of Technical Support.

Need to discuss volume discounts, purchasing options or want a formal quotation? Contact us at 866-824-4459.

Leasing is Available

Did you know that you can lease software, training, and consulting services*? Leasing allows businesses to get the software and equipment they need without affecting bank or credit lines. No matter the type of business, you need the proper software and equipment to efficiently compete and flourish. That’s why we offer leasing options through Lease Corporation of America.

Why Lease?

  • Conserve your working capital
  • Simple application/approval process
  • Finance installation and training costs in one lease
  • Potential tax savings under IRS Section 179
  • $1 purchase option allows you to own the equipment at the end of the term
  • Quick turnaround times on Credit Applications: Under $150,000 approvals in 2-4 hours with application only; over $150,000 approvals in 24 to 48 hours with submission of tax returns or financials
  • Fixed monthly payments throughout term
  • Trade up to new equipment
  • Competitive finance rates

* Lease pricing starts at $5,000 at a minimum.

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