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Modern Construction Concepts with Procore

June 6 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

Effective construction management is about much more than learning how to use a software system. Even with a powerful tool like Procore at your fingertips, it’s vital that you understand not just the “how”, but the “Why” of the construction management process. This course series focuses on the everyday work processes of construction management and the reasons behind each step you need to take. Then we show you the fastest, easiest ways to control those scenarios in Procore. This class is ideal for anyone who’s just starting out in construction management with Procore or looking to advance their understanding of construction management processes to advance their career.

ZenTek Consultants, your Certified Procore Consulting partner, is offering this unique, four-part Series of courses that are designed to equip students with the tools they need to be effective construction managers, using Procore. Each Series is delivered in four (4), two-hour long sessions that students can attend online, right from their own desk. A live instructor will explain the detailed functions, and address questions as the class progresses.

Note: Instructor will present using Procore.

Recording: Registrants for this course will receive access to a recording of each session for 7 consecutive days. Access will start the next business day after the session ends.

Series 1: The Construction Process

Session 1: The Construction Process (March 7)

  • Bidding
  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction
  • Post Construction

Session 2: Drawings (March 14)

  • General Layout of Drawings
  • General Format of Drawings in Discipline
  • Review common Architectural Symbols
  • Procore Drawings Tool

Session 3: Specifications (March 21)

  • What is a Specification Manual?
  • Divisions
  • Reading Specifications
  • Procore Specifications Tool
  • Definitions & Acronyms

Session 4: Project Documentation & Organization (March 28)

  • Managing Project Documentation
  • Procore Documentation, Photo Tools, and Daily Log
  • Means and Methods of Communication
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Procore Email Tool & Meeting Tool

Series 2: Estimating, Bidding, and Preconstruction

Session 1: The Bidding Process (April 4)

  • What is estimating?
  • Types of Bidding
  • Delivery Methods
  • Contract Types & Prequalification
  • Types of General Conditions
  • Procore Prequalification

Session 2: Creating a Bid (April 11)

  • Procore Bidding Tool
  • Creating a project
  • Creating & Configurating Bid Packages
  • Attaching Bid Documents
  • Adding potential bidders
  • Comparing Bids & Selecting Winning Bids within Procore

Session 3: Budgets, Contracts, & POs (April 18)

  • Prime contract vs. subcontract vs. a purchase order (PO)
  • AIA & Consensus Docs
  • Recommended Items to attach to a contract
  • General Conditions and General Requirements
  • What happens if a contract is breached?
  • Legal repercussions if contracts are broken
  • Procore Commitments & Budgets Tool

Session 4: The Schedule & Submittals (April 25)

  • Review Schedule terminology
  • Procore – Using the Schedule Tool
  • What is a submittal?
  • Substitution Requests
  • How to Review a Submittal
  • Procore Submittal Tool

Series 3: Construction & Project Management

Session 1: Managing Project Revisions & RFIs (May 2)

  • Controlling drawing and/or specification updates
  • What is an RFI?
  • Procore Drawing/Specification Tool & RFI Tool

Session 2: Change Events & Change Orders (May 9)

  • What are change events (CE)?
  • What are change orders (CO)?
  • Who approves CEs and COs?
  • Common Change Event and Change Order reasons
  • Procore Change Events & Change Orders

Session 3: Pay Applications & Invoices (May 16)

  • Pay Applications and Invoices
  • Required documentation within Pay Application
  • Reporting & Forecasting Project Budget
  • Procore Invoices Tool

Session 4: Observations, Incidents, and Inspections (May 23)

  • Understanding Observations
  • Understanding Incidents
  • Understanding Inspections
  • Procore Observations, Incidents, and Inspections

Series 4: Post-Construction & Closeout

Session 1: The Punchlist (May 30)

  • Understanding a Punchlist
  • When is a Punchlist walk scheduled?
  • Procore Punchlist Tools

Session 2: The Closeout Process (June 6)

  • Understanding Project Closeout
  • Items Required for a complete and successful Closeout
  • Review Closeout Sections within a Specification Manual

Session 3: Mining Post-Construction Data (June 13)

  • Postmortem Concepts
  • Extracting final Budget Data
  • Comparing Pre and Post Construction Results
  • Hosting Post-Construction Data

Session 4: Warranties (June 20)

  • Warranties Explained
  • Warranty Management
  • Facility Management
  • Procore – Builder Warranty Tools