Stringer Topo

The modern, field-to-finish software that surveyors have been wanting for years. 

Developed by surveyors with over 20 years experience in the industry, Stringer Topo focuses on maximizing your efficiency in adding and editing break lines, automating linework creation, adding and editing point data, creating surfaces, legends and tables.

Stringer Topo streamlines the reduction and presentation of survey observations whether you are using AutoCAD, Civil 3D or BricsCAD. The unique user interface allows you to isolate codes, efficiently produce your line work and breaklines and automatically generate legends. Whether you are doing boundary surveys, pre-design site surveys, as built surveys, monthly stock pile volume calculations or even basic design for access roads and ponds Stringer Topo has proven tools optimized for your needs.

Are your surveyors using AutoCAD Civil 3D with its high annual subscriptions? Stringer Topo provides you with options:

  • Stringer Topo works directly on top of AutoCAD Civil 3D and makes it better.
  • It also works with BricsCAD and AutoCAD, putting you in control of your licensing options – perpetual, network and subscription licenses are available.

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Features That Make You More Productive

Stringer Topo delivers fast, easy to use survey tools for processing survey data ready for final documentation and plotting. Associated functionality includes survey quality (comparison) reporting, point export, direct import of reduced point files, traverse editing and drafting tools for cadastral plans.

Stringer Topo provides you with the ability to convert multiple raw observation files into a single editing interface with graphical feedback as survey edits are applied. Create coordinated points from the survey data and maintain a link between survey and output points.

Stringer Topo: Import Satellite Surface

Stringer Topo allows you to create and customize your field codes. It supports alpha and numeric codes.

Codes control the block assigned to each shot and the layers for the block and associated line work.

Stringer Topo: Point Codes

A unique feature of Stringer Topo is the ability to assign a template to a field code.

Using templates, surveyors can capture the edge of pavement. Stringer Topo will capture the invert, top and back of curb.It can also create the associated line work.

Stringer Topo: Template

A unique feature of Stringer Topo is its 2D viewer which allows you to visualize the survey including all setups and side shots.

You can play the survey shot by shot if you like, zoom to specific points and edit the data directly.

You can also review and make edits directly in the raw data file.

Stringer Topo: 2D Viewer

Breakline management is made easy in Stringer Topo. You can, of course, spend time manually connecting codes to create linework and breaklines.If sequence codes are entered in the field the entire process is completely automated.

Stringer Topo: Survey String Manager

The artificial intelligence engine in Stringer Topo will save you hours of effort if field staff are not capturing connectivity codes.

Rather than manually connecting the dots, the AI engine will do this for you based on codes, point numbers and distance between shots.

AI for Surveyors

The Survey String Manager in Stringer Topo provides a unique process for managing your linework and breaklines.

You can select a breakline in this viewer, see start and end points and apply changes as desired.As changes are made, the breaklines and 2D lines are automatically updated in the CAD drawing.

Stringer Topo: Survey Line Manager Editing

Create highly customizable legends and other reporting tables in your drawing at the click of a button.

Detailed comparison reporting tools for QA reporting: compare points, surfaces, alignments, lines and polylines.

Draw and label cadastral lines, label area polylines and apply traverse adjustments.

Stringer Topo: Model Viewer

Discover how Stringer Topo can maximize your efficiency and produce better results in less time.

Stringer Topo Cost & Leasing Information

Stringer Topo is available as a perpetual license or subscription. Both options are available as single user and multi-user (network).

Perpetual licenses & Subscriptions include: Home Use License, One Year of Software Maintenance, and One Year of Technical Support.

Need to discuss volume discounts, purchasing options or want a formal quotation? Contact us at 866-824-4459.

Leasing is Available

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Try Stringer Topo free for 30 days.

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