In the fast paced and ever-changing world of modern design and construction technology, it’s nearly impossible to stay ahead of the learning curve and still remain billable. Even the most talented members of your staff can’t be productive if they’re also trying to learn new processes, set up standards, troubleshoot problems, and provide support for all your other users. You need those talented people for production, but you also need someone to help both them and the people they provide technical support for. What can you do then? How do you provide your staff the high-end technical support they need, while freeing up your best people to work on your billable projects?

Easy! You get your staff some TEK Bloks.

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TEK Bloks are pre-paid support hours that let you call on ZenTek’s experienced technical staff to address support issues, questions, problems, and even help with workflows and standards. With TEK Bloks, your staff always has trained professional support staff available, without disrupting your other staff members’ workday.

TEK Bloks are available in multiple lengths to meet your firms support needs and budget. Each TEK Blok is pre-paid and we will notify you as TEK Blok hours are used, so you never have to worry about costs when your people reach out for support. Imagine it: the support your staff needs, exactly when they need it, and you never have to worry about unexpected fees or productivity loss!

TEK Bloks are available in:

TEK Blok 5: (5 hours pre-paid support time)
TEK Blok 10: (10 hours pre-paid support time)
TEK Blok 20: (20 hours pre-paid support time)
TEK Blok 40: (40 hours pre-paid support time)

TEK Bloks can be used for:

  • Software Support
  • Software Implementation
  • Project Mentoring
  • Project Support
  • Workflow Creation/Optimization
  • Standards/Template Development

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Civil Site Design for BricsCAD Pro

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All prices in USD.

Pricing starts at $1245 for subscriptions and $2495 for perpetual licenses.

Civil Site Design runs as a plugin for BricsCAD and gives you all the site-related 3D modeling tools you need. And, its output can be converted directly to AutoCAD Civil 3D objects for collaboration with other firms using that system. Civil Site Design uses common 2D interfaces and drafting concepts to develop their modeling, not complex and convoluted command structures you need to learn from scratch. Civil Site Design tools are meant to be very intuitive for anyone who has a site design background, keeping you focused on the actual design and not on complicated software procedures.

Purchase includes:

  • Home Use License
  • One year of software maintenance
  • One year technical support
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