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Grading Detention Ponds in AutoCAD Civil 3D vs Civil Site Design
Episode 17 Side-by-side comparison of AutoCAD Civil 3D and Civil Site Design to see which system has better design functionality. While Civil Site Design is a add-on for AutoCAD Civil
The CADDle Call podcast
In this episode, we discuss AutoCAD, the kingpin of the CAD world, and viable CAD alternatives that provide impressive tools and features. Listen to The CADDle Call podcast on these
Curb and Gutter
Collecting linework in the field is standard practice for today’s surveyor. In AutoCAD Civil 3D, we use linework code sets with our standard field descriptions to define edges for any

Marking Up Files the Right Way

The CADDle Call podcast
If you do any type of work in the AEC world, at some point you’ll deal with markups. Whether you’re creating them, reviewing them, or implementing them into a design,