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How can you ensure your firm retains valuable employees? It's simple - provide them with training. ZenTek Consultants offers many low-cost online training courses for Autodesk, Bluebeam Revu, Procore, BricsCAD, and Microsoft Office.

ZenTek Consultants has developed a unique delivery method for our classes.

All our training is presented online and led by a skilled instructor, who takes student questions and comments throughout the class. Our training process breaks lengthy classes down into manageable bites, for the benefit of both the student and the employer. We teach in blocks of no more than two hours, so students have the opportunity to retain and practice the knowledge they gain and aren’t overloaded with massive “info-dump” they’ll never remember. Plus, ZenTek realizes that taking your employees out of circulation for an entire day costs you far more than just the simple cost of a class.

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Bluebeam Revu Courses

We offer Bluebeam Revu courses for a variety of different levels and specialties, such as courses for beginners and field staff, as well as specifics on takeoff and estimating. The right Bluebeam training can help you use it more effectively and efficiently, so click here to learn more!

Procore Courses

Our Procore courses range from beginner level to advanced and are designed to provide you ways to expand your skillset at a minimal cost. All of our courses are in-depth and provide step-by-step training to ensure you understand every aspect of the Procore program. Learn more here!

BricsCAD Courses

All of our BricsCAD courses are done live online, allowing attendees to train and ask questions in real-time. They range from beginner courses to advanced courses and help you not only master the basics of the program, but go above and beyond, eventually touching on modeling and CAD drafting basics, and more. Learn about them here.

AutoCAD Courses

Ranging from beginner courses to advanced courses, our AutoCAD training covers all the basics, as well as delving into more complex things like CAD management and AutoLISP. For novices that want to hone their skills, these courses are the best way to start. Learn more here.

AutoCAD Civil 3D Courses

Want to get up to speed without spending an arm and a leg? Our AutoCAD Civil 3D courses can help you get your foot in the door, as well as become an expert in the field. You’ll learn hands-on site design, simple grading practices, advanced corridor modeling, and more, so click here to get started.

Autodesk Revit Courses

The team of experts from ZenTek Consultants offers Autodesk Revit courses for architecture, interior design, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing essentials, as well as Dynamo for Revit. More advanced courses include building information modeling with Revit and BIM 360, so visit here for more info.

Autodesk Infraworks Courses

ZenTek Consultants will teach you how to enhance, visualize, analyze, simulate, and present projects using Infraworks – a software you probably already have access to with your Autodesk subscription. Best of all, once the Infraworks design is complete, you can port it all directly into AutoCAD Civil 3D for use in your detailed design.

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Courses

ZenTek Consultants will teach you how to ensure vehicles can move safely and effectively through your sites using Autodesk Vehicle Tracking – a software you probably already have access to with your Autodesk subscription.

Autodesk Navisworks Courses

Our Autodesk Navisworks courses help beginners learn the basics, covering all of the purposes of BIM and helping you consolidate your work. Our courses will help you consolidate everything from civil, architectural, and structural aspects, as well as perform conflict checking and analysis. Click here to start today!

Autodesk 3ds Max Courses

ZenTek Consultants offers everything from Autodesk 3DS Max courses for beginners to solutions for the architectural industry. You’ll learn how to set up and control a model, present 3D BIM concepts to clients, as well as how to develop high-quality models and renderings, so why wait? Get started here today!

Microsoft Courses

These courses touch on the basics of all of today’s most popular Microsoft Office Suite programs, like Excel, as well as PowerPoint and more of the interactive tools Microsoft offers. We also offer a Microsoft construction management course that delves into project monitoring and more, so click here to learn more!

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