Government & Public Facilities Services

When you’re responsible for administering large-scale facility control processes and systems, everyone is going to tell you that high-end ERP systems, which cost hundreds of thousand each year, are the only viable answer. But, what if there was another way? A way that would let your people keep working with the files, locations, and sites they already know and understand but that would make it easier and faster to access them? ZenTek Consultants is the recognized specialist for developing PDF-based digital dashboards that provide easy-to-use and easy-to-update, visual interfaces for all your large-scale Facility Management, Inventory Control, O&M, and general file access for all your system control needs. Instead of software systems demanding you work the way they’re designed, you can have a simple system designed to lead your users through the steps you need followed, with a simple point-and-click interface. ZenTek works with government agencies throughout North America to help them design and implement intelligent access dashboards for both internal use and public-facing interfaces.

Security & Safety

Fire, Life Safety, Evacuation, Emergency systems, and all the related equipment you deal with in your facility can be nearly impossible to track, control, and update. Each piece of equipment can relate to dozens of files/locations and the systems consist of hundreds of pieces, which can become quickly overwhelming. Imagine simplifying all that into a plan-based (2D or 3D) system that lets you handle every item in your system just by clicking on it. ZenTek Consultants can show you how visual digital dashboards can simplify control of all your Security and Safety systems.

Space Planning & Leasing

Governmental agencies and large facilities are always struggling to maintain and update space or lease usage plans along with their related data. Making changes, shifting offices between customers or agencies, and calculating shared space percentages shouldn’t be so difficult. Using Bluebeam Revu, ZenTek Consultants can develop custom area and volume tools that calculate all your space data and costs instantly. We can handle this right in the PDF, or in any Excel Workbook, automating all your Space Planning processes.

Facility & Inventory Controls

Enterprise-level Facility Management software is costly and almost always requires secondary CAD systems for use. That means tons of training and multiple software licenses for every user. What if you could handle all your Facility Management and O&M needs within simple, PDF-based digital dashboards that could link to any file, program, or web location you need to maintain your facility? A simple visual dashboard structure provides you all the information you need on every space, system, or piece of equipment you work with, while letting you maintain workflows you need instead of forcing them into a specific software’s requirements. ZenTek Consultants specializes in building digital dashboard to simplify these processes for you.