Construction Services

Construction in the modern world depends on the integration of technology with people who understand the construction process from a real-world perspective. ZenTek Consultants has decades of experience in the construction industry and we’re here to help you optimize and configure the construction tech you already own into better workflows rather than buying new, often unnecessary, software systems. Implementation, configuration, workflow development, training, and ongoing support for the construction technology space is what ZenTek is all about!

Project Control Systems

The ability to quickly find all your construction documents, specs, bids, change orders, and any of a thousand other documents and processes is vital to any construction project. ZenTek Consultants specializes in configuring and building project control systems that adapt to your company processes instead of making you adapt to the software.

Communication and Collaboration

Collaborating as a team, tracking communications, schedules, files, and meetings is the lifeblood of construction management. Configuring, organizing, and helping your staff be more efficient with the tools you already have is where ZenTek Consultants places our focus in this environment.

Ongoing Project Support

No matter how well a workflow implementation or software rollout goes, there’s always going to be a need to provide support and assistance for your users. Whether they’re new hires, transitioning roles, or just need help finding answers to a job-related issue, ZenTek Consultants is here to be your long-term technology partner.