AutoCAD Civil 3D Live Online Training Courses

ZenTek Consultants understands your frustration and concerns when it comes to training the very best AutoCAD Civil 3D team quickly, and efficiently, so we’ve developed a unique training program and environment to help you conquer the leading civil design solution on the market today.

If you’re tired of spending thousands of dollars and losing time that could be better spent elsewhere, like designing civil site projects, then we have a solution for you. If you want to increase the level of efficiency and insight that you need from your design staff, our AutoCAD Civil 3D Training Live Online Courses offer an affordable, efficient solution to the time-consuming traditional training, all without sacrificing the quality of learning and expertise your team receives.

How AutoCAD Civil 3D Courses Are Offered

As mentioned above, all of ZenTek Consultants’ training courses take place online. This means you and your staff will have the comfort and flexibility to complete your training when and where is most convenient for you, reducing downtime. All online training courses are developed in-house by our highly-skilled and experienced trainers, who collectively have more than three decades of industry experience. This allows us to design our training courses to be practical, providing your team with the skills and proficiency necessary to begin work on billable projects the moment the class ends.

Our courses break down the complexities of Civil 3D training into single-topic classes that are easy to digest. Those already proficient in some of the aspects of AutoCAD Civil 3D can skip those training courses they’re already familiar with and go on to the ones that suit their personal job training needs.

What Participants Learn

We break down our courses into two hours per session with a live instructor who explains the detailed functions, and addresses questions as the class progresses. In addition, participants earn CPC/PDH credits upon successful completion of most courses. Ultimately, all participants in our AutoCAD Civil 3D Online Courses will learn how to apply the tools offered by AutoCAD Civil 3D, the civil engineering component of AutoCAD.

To learn more about our AutoCAD Civil 3D courses, or any of the other training courses available from ZenTek Consultants, contact us online today or call (866) 824-4459.

Introduction to AutoCAD Civil 3D

Perfect for the AutoCAD Civil 3D novice who wants a solid introduction to this powerful site design package.

Your Kick-Start into AutoCAD Civil 3D

This online introductory course will help break the ice for anyone who needs to start working in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Civil 3D for Public Works

This course, specifically designed for public works organizations, covers how to complete roadway and utility projects in AutoCAD Civil 3D, construct a collaborative model, and integrate design elements from various disciplines into one cohesive design.

Civil 3D for Surveyors

From initial Point import, Point Groups, Descriptor Keys and all the way thru surface creation and linework drafting, this course shows students the simplest methods of generating accurate Survey basemaps in Civil 3D.

Civil 3D – Site Design Simplified

This course covers all site related processes in Civil 3D from understanding surface components to advanced Grading and Subdivision design tools.

From the Ground Up – Understanding Modern Civil Design

This series of courses helps turn students into reliable civil designers using AutoCAD Civil 3D. Each session takes students through industry-standard processes of designing site projects, across a wide array of civil types and functions.

Civil 3D Corridors for Real World Use

This course uses real world scenarios to show how simple it can be to model even the most complex Corridor geometry, using powerful tips and tricks that help ease the seemingly complex process of Civil 3D Corridors.

Establishing Field to Finish in AutoCAD Civil 3D

This course teaches the advanced Survey Database tools, processes, and features in AutoCAD Civil 3D that need to be set up to make the "Field to Finish" automation happen consistently.

Grading Design in Civil 3D

This course teaches students practical use of Civil 3D Grading functions by developing grading for a proposed site. Students will learn how to use these functions on real world projects to generate realistic grading results.

Grading Optimization for AutoCAD Civil 3D

This course teaches students how to use the Grading Optimization tool, new in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2022,  to dramatically speed up grading designs.

Civil 3D Pipe Networks for Designers

This course teaches students the proper configuration and use of Gravity and Pressure Pipe Network functions.

Pressure Pipes in Civil 3D – The Full Design Process

This course leads students through the full process of plan, profile, and section layout and editing of a Pressure Pipe Network from initial layout to completion. It's designed to show students that Pressure Pipes are a viable and efficient option for water, gas, and other pressurized pipe designs.

Roadway Design in Civil 3D

This course takes students through a step-by-step development of all the components in Civil 3D needed to complete a full road design.

Advanced Corridor Modeling in Civil 3D

This course teaches students how to use the tools and processes in Civil 3D for advanced road condition modeling.

Build Better Corridors in AutoCAD Civil 3D Using Subassembly Composer

This course teaches how to quickly and easily develop subassemblies in AutoCAD Civil 3D that meet specific design needs, and save them for re-use on future projects.

CAD Management for AutoCAD Civil 3D I

This course can help CAD Managers, or those who aspire to be one, become a true master of AutoCAD Civil 3D. Students will learn how to develop and implement system-wide standards and changes.

CAD Management for AutoCAD Civil 3D II

This course helps CAD Managers develop and optimize standards in AutoCAD Civil 3D to increase productivity.

Part Building in AutoCAD Civil 3D

This live online course teaches how to use the AutoCAD Civil 3D Part Builder to build parts with the data you need and save them in a reusable library for everyone doing drainage and pressure designs throughout your company.

Roadway Rehab Corridors in Civil 3D

Single lane, multi-lane, variable widths and intermittent patching can all be handled in minutes with the Rehab Corridor tool in Civil 3D, and this course takes students through the entire process of working with it, from initial design to generating final Mill & Leveling reports.

Storm and Sanitary Analysis Simplified

This course teaches students the functionality of Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA) - Civil 3D’s built-in hydrology package, which dynamically integrates and updates all Civil 3D pipe networks and labeling.

The Civil 3D Hydrology Toolbox Exposed

AutoCAD Civil 3D has three hydrology applications that work with pipe networks and other Civil 3D features. This course helps improve your efficiency and productivity by teaching which hydrology solution would be the right tool for your current design needs.

Using Project Explorer for AutoCAD Civil 3D

Project Explorer is an ideal way to quickly and accurately update and report on all your design information in AutoCAD Civil 3D. This course takes users through the interface, reviewing and editing designs, customizing the Project Explorer, and reporting capabilities.

Preliminary Site Design in Civil 3D

This course teaches students the best practices for developing access roads, parcels, site grading, and development of detailed surfaces by having them develop an example Preliminary Site from start to finish.

Final Site Design in Civil 3D

This course focuses on helping students understand, and actively apply, the most commonly misunderstood and under-used Civil 3D tools on a practical Residential Site Project. Students will learn about refining surfaces, handling intersections and other complex road conditions, along with detailed section and volume controls.

Civil 3D Advanced Surfaces

This course teaches students how to work with surfaces in AutoCAD Civil 3D,  including volume calculations and steep-slope analysis.

Civil 3D Feature Lines for Simple Grading

This course teaches students how to work with feature lines in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Civil 3D Road Layout Made Easy

This course teaches students the functionality to create road layouts and alignments in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Civil 3D Survey Points Explained

This course teaches students how to work with survey points in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Civil 3D – Perfecting the Profile

This course teaches students how to work with profiles in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Civil 3D – The Power of Parcels

This course teaches students how to work with parcels in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Hands-On Site Design for Drafters

This course focuses on teaching site design concepts, and coupling them with the practical process of using Civil 3D to develop professional construction documents for them.

AutoCAD Civil 3D On-Demand Training & Online Courses

If your schedule doesn't allow for you to take a live online course, we have the following AutoCAD Civil 3D courses available on-demand for you to take when you want, where you want.

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ZenTek, LLC is approved by the New Jersey State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors to offer CPC (also known as CEC/PDH depending on your state) credits for specific training courses.

Online Training Cancellation Policy

Registration may be modified or cancelled at no charge up to 24 hours prior to the start of class. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start of class will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the quoted tuition. No refunds will be given once a class has begun. ZenTek reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a course for any reason.