Bricsys 24/7

Bricsys 24/7 is a cloud-based (SaaS) Common Data Environment (CDE) for document management and workflow automation. Bricsys 24/7 offers role-based security and unlimited users to help ensure that the right document is in the right hands at the right time.

What makes Bricsys 24/7 unique is that it lets you store files and give access to an unlimited number of users, even if they don’t own the software. You can markup, annotate, track changes, and even keep/access older versions of all your files right through your browser.

View Project Files Easily

The viewer supports over 70+ document formats. You don’t need to have the native software installed on your computer. Thanks to 24/7’s unique streaming viewer technology you can view large CAD files and BIM models in seconds.

Version History and Change Management

Ensure that all users have access to the latest version of every document. Bricsys 24/7 keeps track of all file versions, and logs all changes, uploads and downloads.

Easily manage document metadata

Document folders can be configured to request required metadata automatically on document upload. These data can be used to search and organize documents based on these metadata tags.

Unlimited project users

Add unlimited users to your projects. Every project member can access the Bricsys 24/7 file store, with their access rights based on their role in the project.

Role-based project permissions

Role-based permissions ensure that each user can access the files, folders and applications that they need without security risks. Roles can be built on the fly, using 24/7’s table-based admin panel.

Detailed audit reports

Every file action is recorded and tracked securely, to ensure that the total history of a document is available to administrators and process auditors.

Data management and collaboration tools connecting teams, activities and information throughout the life of your construction projects. Connect the office and field using Bricsys 24/7, with real-time access to the latest project documents and information. Keeping your projects on track helping to increase efficiency, enhance communication, maximize profits and reduce project risk.

Bidding Documents

Save time and improve accuracy with electronic documents for trades to bid.

Shop Drawing Approvals

Get it right first time with automated workflow approvals and structured metadata capture.

RFIs and Technical Questions

Revision control with better communication

Handover and Close-out

Smooth and controlled handover, all handover data in one place. Consistent, progressive and reliable every time.

Pricing starts at $2250 / year for 10 GB.

Bricsys 24/7 Mobile App

Upload, view, markup and comment on 2D drawings, supporting over 70 file formats. Upload and view any file when you’re at the office, in the field or on the road. Your up-to-date projects are right in your pocket with the Bricsys 24/7 Mobile App.

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Bricsys 24/7 Transfer Tool

The transfer tool helps you transfer complete folder structures between your local file system and the Bricsys 24/7 service. The split screen user interface allows you to upload or download files via a simple drag and drop paradigm.

Download Bricsys 24/7 Transfer Tool for Windows

Download Bricsys 24/7 Transfer Tool for Mac

Bricsys 24/7 Connect

24/7 Connect allows you to upload and download your office documents to the Bricsys 24/7 cloud storage space. Available for Microsoft Word, Excel and Autodesk AutoCAD®.

Download Bricsys 24/7 Connect for Word (Windows)

Download Bricsys 24/7 Connect for Excel (Windows)

Download Bricsys 24/7 Connect for AutoCAD® (Windows)