Custom Online Training Solutions

Are you looking to train your staff, but want to be sure you’re focusing on the specific topics and issues that they see in their daily work? Do you need training on a topic that’s not listed in one of our public classes, or maybe you like those topics but just want to have your own staff in a class, to keep the conversation focused on your firm’s needs?

​No problem! ZenTek Consultants offers custom training for any of the products we support. Our staff will work with you to develop classes that meet your specific needs, or we can arrange for private presentations of any of the general courses we offer, at a time and date that’s convenient for your staff.

All our classes are delivered online, so that your staff can work hands-on with the software, right from their own desk. No need for expensive travel, moving computers to conference rooms, or lost time. Every class will have a live instructor, who will develop the class curriculum to your needs, and take questions in real-time. Custom classes require a minimum of four (4) students in attendance.

Let ZenTek develop a custom online training solution for your company today!

Looking for customized training? We can help you! Give us a call at 866-824-4459 or simply fill out the form below with your specific training needs and we'll get back to you shortly.