BIM Services for Construction

BIM isn’t just for architects and engineers. In fact, the industry that sees the biggest benefit from a well-developed BIM project is the construction industry. BIM solutions let you evaluate a project’s constructability before you even put a shovel in the ground and dramatically improves cost reliability. Having a BIM structure lets you perform clash detections, ensure availability of materials, and coordinate tasks/changes with all the project stakeholders in a simulated environment before incurring real world costs. The problem is that BIM support, training, and processes all seemed to be focused on making life easier for designers, while ignoring the needs of the people who need BIM services the most: you, the construction professional.

ZenTek Consultants works with our construction clients to help them implement the BIM software they need, train their staff on how to use it, configure it for their specific needs, and show them how to efficiently update, share, and communicate construction issues to their client and other stakeholders on a job. Whether you’re completely new to working with Building Information Models, or just need help getting your staff proficient working, estimating, and collaborating in a BIM environment, ZenTek is here to help.

Our BIM services include:

  • BIM Hosting and Collaboration
  • Clash Detection Processes
  • Finding & Filtering Materials/Specifications in BIMs
  • Model-Based Quantity Takeoff of BIM Objects
  • Generating Material Lists & Reports in BIMs
  • Time-Based (4D) Project Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating from BIMs
  • Construction Process Visualizations and Renderings
  • As-Built Updates to BIMs
  • Facility Management Submittals

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