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BricsCAD V24 Software: The Best AutoCAD Alternative

Bricsys builds BricsCAD for people who build things. For the past two decades, their singular focus has been making cost-effective, mission-critical CAD, BIM, and CDE products. Now a part of the global technology giant Hexagon AB, Bricsys is reinforcing their commitment to helping the industry achieve more, in less time, for less money.

Looking for a cost-effective alternative to AutoCAD? BricsCAD is used by leading global brands with over 400,000 active users in 110 countries, and is the best AutoCAD alternative on the market today.

BricsCAD Users
Bricsys Elite Partner

New in V24.2 highlights

Print & Publish output: BricsCAD


Print & Publish output

BricsCAD supports custom printer paper sizes to ensure consistent print and publish outputs.

Sheet Set Manager: BricsCAD


Sheet Set Manager

We have improved the import performance of existing drawing layouts into a new sheet.



HIDEOBJECTS - on the Status Bar

The presence of hidden or isolated objects in a drawing is now directly indicated on BricsCAD's Status Bar.

Nested PURGE: BricsCAD


Nested PURGE - UI access

Nested PURGE operations are now selectable from the Purge dialog, either in standalone mode, or through the Drawing Health Manager.




BricsCAD's unique FINDOUTLIERS workflow now performs better on drawings with large extants. There is also an improved user interface for better usability - including the ability to draw a valid area, a 2D/3D mode toggle, and new icon symbology for invisible, frozen and hidden outliers.

Block Libraries: BricsCAD


Block Libraries

Converted Parametric Blocks can now automatically be saved to block Libraries.

Direct Modeling: BricsCAD


Direct Modeling

BricsCAD now displays temporary graphics to aid in Direct Modeling edit operations.




BricsCAD now manages drawing property evaluation to speed the loading of large or complex drawings. The Property panel and combo-box performance is greatly improved for large or complex drawings.

Spline-fit POLYLINEs: BricsCAD


Spline-fit POLYLINEs

We greatly improved the display performance of spline-fit POLYLINEs.

Point Clouds: BricsCAD


Point Clouds

We greatly improved the display performance of color-mapped Point Clouds, and added the ability to apply a color map based on classification.

Interface and user experience

BricsCAD Ribbon - Ribbon - visual and performance enhancements


Ribbon - visual and performance enhancements

The BricsCAD V24 command Ribbon is based on our new UI framework, and includes a general ribbon tool size setting to make the Ribbon easier to use on 4K screens.

LookFrom widget



The LookFrom widget is updated in V24, and it offers a more dynamic way to change the view when working in Model space.

BricsCAD Start Page


Start Page

BricsCAD's new Start Page offers direct template selection and the option to pin recently used documents so they remain at the top of the list.

BricsCAD In product Tutorials


In product Tutorials

BricsCAD now includes a new series of in-product tutorials to help users learn about the unique and powerful features of our newest V24 Release.

BricsCAD Express Tools


ExpressTools - references to on-line Help system

The ExpressTools now link directly to the BricsCAD on-line Help System in V24.

Smart AI-driven tools

BricsCAD TABLEs: SmartCell copy


TABLEs: SmartCell copy

BricsCAD V24 includes new SmartCell Copy functionality to simplify the creation and editing of data tables in your drawings.


EnhancedUnique to BricsCAD
COPYGUIDED3D now works with defined constraints to better manage the placement and manipulation of detail entities.

BricsCAD AI Assist recommendations

EnhancedUnique to BricsCAD
AI Assist - dynamic command suggestions 
Bricsys has improved the next command suggestion algorithm in the AI Assist ribbon to make smarter choices, based on all of your inputs to BricsCAD.

BricsCAD Parametric Blocks

EnhancedUnique to BricsCAD
Parametric Blocks improvements
In V24, Bricsys has improved BricsCAD's native Parametric Blocks and the dynamic-to-parametric BLOCKCONVERT workflow, and added Move and Rotate to the list of supported parametric operations.

BricsCAD Drawing Health Management

EnhancedUnique to BricsCAD
DWGHEALTH improvements
BricsCAD's unique Drawing Health Management workflow now includes functionality for creating re-usable clean-up routines, and incorporates the OVERKILL command workflow in V24.

Tools, commands and workflows



Model view tab Sheet Set Manager

Also in V24, a new Model View tab is available in the Sheet Set Manager. New drag-and-drop functionality has been added to the Sheet Set tree view, in addition to drag preview.




The new QUICKCALC panel makes it simple to perform math calculations directly inside of BricsCAD V24, with support for parameters and formulas.

FINDOUTLIERS command in BricsCAD



The TRIM command now highlights the selected segments that can be trimmed or extended.

BLOCKIFY command in BricsCAD


QDIM (Quick Dimensioning)

QDIM, new to BricsCAD in V24, helps you create linear dimensions by simply selecting the objects that you want to annotate.




The ANNOMONITOR system setting allows you to flag disassociated annotative dimensions, regardless of the style of the dimension entities.

Features, settings and performance enhancements

BricsCAD Sheet Set Manager


Sheet Set Manager

BricsCAD's Sheet Set Manager has been improved with a notification system to assist multiple users in accessing a single sheet set (.dst) file.

Generated Drawing Views: Performance improvements


Generated Drawing Views: Performance improvements

The drawing view engine in BricsCAD V24 has been optimized to generate 2D associative drawing views from your 3D models up to 40% faster than in previous releases.

Constraint Management


Constraint Management - better control of arcs and circles

Improvements to BricsCAD's constraint management system allow for better control of 2D profile geometry when constraint values are changed dramatically.

Point clouds


Point clouds - added the Hexagon Point Cloud Classifier

BricsCAD V24 includes the Hexagon intelligent Point Cloud Classifier (PCC). This technology helps detect found objects inside of point cloud data.

Interoperability and integrations

Print to Raster: PNG and TIFF formats


Print to Raster: PNG and TIFF formats

BricsCAD can print/publish directly to multiple raster formats, and offers upgraded Publishing support for PDF bookmarks. We've also improved WMF output configuration options and file output quality.

It’s Easy to Switch from AutoCAD to BricsCAD

BricsCAD brings you more CAD power at a lower cost and with flexible licensing options – perpetual, yearly and network. BricsCAD is very compatible with the CAD tools you probably use today. If you use AutoCAD, you can be comfortable in BricsCAD in an hour and productive in half a day or less. Core commands are extremely familiar.

BricsCAD also supports innovative machine learning algorithms - like the Quad tool, CopyGuided, Blockify, Optimize, Drawing Explorer, and Parametric Blocks to name a few - that simplify workflows and help you design better, today.

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Why Firms Choose BricsCAD

BricsCAD for the Work You Do

Bricsys offers cost-effective, modern, and familiar software solutions for entire building project lifecycle from design to plan, build and operate. Learn more about the functionality of BricsCAD software for the work you do.

BricsCAD provides architects with a CAD alternative to create 2D drawings faster, which is expandable to CAD-based BIM. Build models from point clouds or create new designs in 3D with automated 2D documentation in a single, familiar DWG-based environment.

Design Documentation

Bricsys offers cost-effective, modern, and intelligent CAD solutions for architects and engineers to solve design problems faster with familiar tools, apps and work environment. Learn more about BricsCAD Pro.

Design Presentation

Create stunning client presentations of your design at every phase of the project lifecycle with BricsCAD  BIM and our industry leading partners.

Flexible Design Platform

BricsCAD lets you work in your familiar CAD environment in 2D, 3D, or BIM, without the need to buy, install and learn multiple software solutions.

Parametric Design

Create complex designs and explore parametric variations with Grasshopper, the industry-leading solution for algorithmic design, natively available in BricsCAD  BIM.

MEP Engineering

BricsCAD  BIM supports modeling mechanical services with intuitive modeling tools and together with the AX3000 extension, it is a comprehensive software suite for building services engineering, energy systems engineering and virtual reality solutions.

Scan to BIM

Start your renovation project with a point cloud scan of the existing conditions and import it directly into BricsCAD to sketch and design immediately.

Scan to Plan

Quickly turn a Point Cloud into a 2D Plan of your building layout

BricsCAD provides construction project managers with a professional CAD solution for 2D and 3D model review, mark-up, annotations, measurements, and modifications. Our cost-effective CAD platform is the most familiar and reliable alternative in the market.

Shop Drawing Approvals

Get approvals right the first time with automated workflows and structured metadata capture. Take a look at BricsCAD Pro.

Reality Capture in Building Construction

Combine reality capture point cloud data with constructability models to compare planned vs actual. Visual inspection and automated workflows provide insight projects need to stay on track. Available in BricsCAD Lite and BricsCAD Pro.

Level Up - 2D to 3D to BIM

BricsCAD BIM makes it easy to quickly create intelligent building information models directly from 3D mass models and 2D layouts for coordination, quantification, constructability, and more.

Automated Construction Admin

Customizable forms and automated workflows will rein in unruly RFIs, submittals, and other project document workstreams, inside of Bricsys 24/7. Stay current, get organized, save time.

Project Documentation and Collaboration

Construction professionals gain access to the latest information in real-time, improving communication and increasing visibility of project documentation with Bricsys 24/7 – the secure cloud solution for document collaboration.

Construction Layout Cloud Collaboration

Quickly share design data from Bricsys 24/7 to your Leica iCON Field.

BricsCAD Pro provides civil engineers with a highly customizable solution for civil design projects. This cost-effective CAD platform offers foundational tools while applications by trusted third-party developers provide additional features for specialist projects. This flexible solution reduces project delivery costs, with customers only paying for the tools they need.

Surveyors can reduce costs, drive project efficiency, and maximize their revenue with BricsCAD Pro. This modern CAD platform comes with intelligent tools that can accelerate your Point Cloud workflow needs, while partner apps provide advance survey features.

Site Design and Layout

Layout and design your construction site using BricsCAD Pro’s Civil tools and Civil Site Design.

Grading and Volume Calculations

Import a TIN surface and create a graded surface as well as calculate cut and fill in BricsCAD Pro.

Corridor Design and Modelling

Create preliminary corridor designs and models using BricsCAD Pro’s alignment and corridor template tools for linear objects such as roads, cycle paths and retaining walls.

Swept Path Analysis

Analyze vehicle swept path on roads using BricsCAD Pro’s Civil tools and Autopath by CGS labs.

Point Cloud to Tin

Import large point clouds into BricsCAD Pro and use the tools to filter unnecessary points to create a workable TIN Surface.

Site Survey to CAD Deliverables

Create an accurate CAD deliverable using BricsCAD Pro and Key Terra Firma. This combination provides an easy and powerful way to import site survey data.

For the Manufacturing Professional, BricsCAD offers effective 2D and 3D capability for quickly laying out and retooling manufacturing facilities, and re-working drawings for production. Unique intelligent tools help automate drawing workflows, giving you a head start, getting products out of the door faster. BricsCAD combines a familiar environment, low cost, and a highly productive tool set.

For Product Design Professionals, BricsCAD Mechanical is a single design platform offering 2D drafting to 3D mechanical CAD. Combined direct and parametric modeling frees you to design products the way you want. Unique AI tools help get drawings issued to manufacturing far earlier. And, with a familiar, industry-standard dwg environment, it fits right into your existing workflows.

Preparing Designs for Manufacturing

Create detailed manufacturing drawings efficiently from 2D and 3D data from your design team or clients, regardless of format, and instantly convert upstream 3D models to flat sheet metal drawings. Take a look at the capabilities in BricsCAD Mechanical and BricsCAD Pro.

Production Layout and Tooling

Efficiently optimize the layout of your new production facility, or retool your existing one, in 2D or 3D, using efficient and intelligent design tools which make equipment placement and modification simple.

Tooling and Fixture Design

Quickly create accurate 2D and 3D tooling and fixture layouts around the product design. Easily design custom components, incorporate parts from suppliers in any format, or choose from standard part libraries.

2D Production Drawing Detailing

Create accurate 2D drawings, or generate associative views automatically from 3D models, then detail them efficiently using a comprehensive set of standard dimension and annotation tools.

Component Design

Quickly create parts in 2D, 3D or both using flexible direct and parametric modeling, unique AI productivity tools and industry-leading sheet metal workflows.

Assembly Design

Easily build 3D assemblies from your own parts or an extensive library of intelligent components. Design top-down or bottom-up, generate BOMs and 2D detailed manufacturing drawings, and validate your mechanisms.