Company Level Configuration and Settings

Procore is a powerful system that lets you standardize your construction workflow processes, but the first step is building the back-end standards for those workflows. Cost Codes, Directory Access, User Permission, and dozens of other settings for your company need to be set for effective use of Procore. ZenTek Consultants can structure your entire Procore system to your company’ specific needs.

Templates, Cost Codes, and Fieldsets

The key to Procore success is consistency. Getting everyone working the same way, with the same defaults and the same templates and options is the best way to be consistent on every project. Building and distributing those standards effectively can be a time-consuming process that takes your people away from billable work. ZenTek Consultants can take that load off your hands and build/distribute all your Procore standard templates and settings for you.

Bulk Data Imports (Users, vendors, codes, punch items, etc.)

We all have large databases of existing clients, vendors, punch lists codes, etc. that we want available for selection by employees in Procore. Getting that information structured and imported can be time consuming and frustrating. ZenTek Consultants can configure and import any Procore data sets that you need.

Company Level Directories and Distribution Groups

In Procore, it’s vital to have everyone you work with (clients, vendors, workers, etc.) defined and with the appropriate permissions and access controls set. You may even want to build internal or external distribution groups to automate updates and changes on a wider basis. ZenTek Consultants can structure your Procore environment with all these settings and more, freeing you to stay billable while we handle the configuration.

Document Structures and Permissions

Default project folder structures and applying folder level permissions are a powerful component of Procore. Deciding who can see which files/folders and edit or update them is at the heart of project controls in this environment. ZenTek Consultants can work with you to configure all this, in the exact manner you need.

Pre-Qualification Setup

Whether you’re looking to build vendor lists for invitation or customize your pre-qualification Forms, ZenTek Consultants can help. We can structure custom distribution lists for trades. If you need specific insurance or financial info to ensure qualified bidders, we can help you structure the Procore process to pre-qualify the companies you invite to bid on your job.

Bidding Setup and Administration

Setting up plan rooms, tracking correspondence or change history, updating bid files, and integrating all that with your bidders list can be frustrating. ZenTek Consultants can structure your pre-construction bid process and even help you update and track respondents on a project-to-project basis.

Drawing & Specification Uploads and Revisions

From initial upload of bid & support documents through revision updating and control, Procore can handle it all. But if you’re not an expert, it can be problematic to handle the constant changes and notifications that occur on your projects. ZenTek Consultants can help you handle initial uploads and format of project files and even work with you to address updates and revisions over the project lifecycle.

RFI, Meeting, & Submittal Templates

These are all automated processes in Procore, with standard templates that end users can choose from to save time, effort, and ensure all appropriate data is collected on your projects. Finding the time to set all these templates up on each job can be difficult. ZenTek Consultants can handle all the setup for your projects and recurring processes.

Create Bid Packages

Just organizing all the documents, drawings, specifications and support information that goes into a bid package is very complex and time consuming. Pushing all that up to Procore for your bidders and users to access, while vital to your project’s success, can take a lot more effort than many can spare. ZenTek Consultants can take all your bid data and put it into Procore to ease your management concerns and free up time for you to focus on the project itself.

Project Level Directory Structures

Every Procore project requires a different set of vendors, companies, workers, and contacts that you’ll need to work with. Pulling them from the company-level database or adding new contractors to the company, and your job, can eat up a lot of your time. ZenTek Consultants is here to take that load off your hands so you can focus on running your project.

Create Custom Report & Dashboards

What’s done and what’s not? Which tasks are over, or under, budget? Where have you spent the most money and whose bills are overdue? Project management requires having extensive data at your fingertips. Spending hours trying to pull the data each time you need it, for every job, isn’t cost effective or easy. ZenTek Consultants can help you build your own custom reports and dashboards, showing exactly the data you need, that can be updated in real time and re-used on every one of your projects.

Field Reports (Logs, Incidents, Inspections, Observations)

Collecting field data and pushing it back into Procore is a vital part of this powerful tool set but you need to ensure that the field staff have access to the correct templates and options to get you the data you need, in the most efficient manner possible. ZenTek Consultants can help you configure all your field and mobile templates to have your field personnel entering only the data you need, in the format you want.

User & Vendor Account Setup

You deal with hundreds of clients, companies, vendors, suppliers, and others on every project. Ensuring that their information is correctly input, available, and all the appropriate permissions set for each of them is a time-consuming task that can have severe consequences if not done correctly. ZenTek Consultants can handle that workload for you, building, enabling, and maintaining your account databases so they’re available and correct on every project.

Crew & Worker Setups

Timesheet entry and approval in Procore requires the creation and maintenance of personnel records that integrate with the Procore Mobile application. ZenTek Consultants can help you set up and manage these individuals on both a company and project level basis.

Timesheet Configurations

Getting crew and workers time data input correctly and accurately is a vital component of the Procore financial system. Making sure they can enter and update their time in only the manner that you want so it works correctly with Procore is vital. ZenTek Consultants can create and customize all your timesheet templates and configurations for you.

Time, Budget, & Production Reports

Finding out who’s regularly working overtime, how productive your workers are, and how much work’s been done on a specific task can be an invaluable tool for a project manager. ZenTek Consultants can help you build customized reports to track and visualize all the time and effort being applied to your project, in the manner that you need to see it.

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