Bluebeam Revu Tips & Tricks Series

In these short on-demand webinars, ZenTek Consultants Canada, your Bluebeam Partner and noted specialist in the development of custom Bluebeam tools & workflows, will show you the basics of getting started with vital features in Bluebeam Revu.

Creating Custom Takeoff Tools in Bluebeam

One of the most popular, and important, features in Bluebeam Revu is the ability to create re-usable estimating tools for count, area, volume, and linear measurements. These tools can be distributed throughout your entire company and save hundreds of hours on every project.

Using Custom Columns in Bluebeam in Bluebeam

Your Bluebeam tools are only as smart as the data they can provide. The intelligent data within Bluebeam is all derived from building Custom Columns that will let you set default values for text, number, drop down lists and even do formula calculations to get the results you need. Need to calculate costs, waste, or a count of items per LF automatically as you do your takeoffs? Bluebeam can do that for you!

Track Changes with Custom Status in Bluebeam

Communicating and tracking changes to your project can be a difficult and time-consuming task. That’s particularly true if you need to track the specific who/when/why reasons that changes were made. What about being able to quickly find items that are under review, out for RFI, or have already been addressed? Emails, lists, spreadsheets, and other normal methods for tracking this data costs thousands of dollars and countless ours on every job. Bluebeam Revu can automate all that for you and give you real-time Status on every item you markup on your project!

BOM and Legends in Bluebeam

Bluebeam has an amazing array of custom tools, features, and data you can assemble on your construction plans. But how do you communicate that information quickly and easily to others? We can’t expect everyone else to have Bluebeam, and exporting to separate CSV/PDF reports adds additional files and storage to the workflow process. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just generate legend and BOM data right onto the plans themselves and have them update measured values in real time? Bluebeam can do that for you!

Table of Contents and Page Labels in Bluebeam

How many times do you get PDF documents with dozens of unlabeled, or just sequentially numbered, pages? Ever need to scroll through dozens of pages trying to find the right sheet because there’s no way to identify what’s on each page, other than opening each one and reading the title? Bluebeam Revu has built-in features to handle that! Bluebeam can read the drawing number and title directly from the drawing border and label pages accordingly. It can even generate a master Table of Contents as a separate PDF to speed up the process of finding specific sheets and details.

Document Compare in Bluebeam

How many times have you been sent updated versions of a PDF but the changes aren’t highlighted or bubbled? Ever needed to look at two different versions of the same file, with no idea where the difference might be? That’s bad with one sheet and it’s a nightmare when you have to do it across entire drawing sets with hundreds of documents. Luckily Bluebeam Revu has a Document Compare tool that will find, highlight, and rev-bubble all the differences between documents for you!

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