Construction Software & Training

The Construction world is changing rapidly. Long gone are the days when you could complete projects with just some pen, paper, and a telephone. The advent of BIM and VDC software, collaborative design/build processes, and advanced tools for quantity takeoff and estimating have changed the industry. Construction firms need to be just as skilled technically as they are at building. The problem is, the best builders aren’t always the most technologically skilled people, so how do you balance both needs? That’s where ZenTek Consultants comes in. We work with our construction clients to develop, implement, and train their staff on the technology solutions they need to simplify their daily tasks and reach maximum productivity, with minimum difficulty.

The owners of ZenTek Consultants have decades of experience in project management, estimating, and the software and processes needed to handle Construction processes in the modern world. We can help you stop worrying about your tech and get back to focusing on your projects! Some of the ways ZenTek helps our Construction clients:

Technology Infrastructure

  • File Storage, Sharing & Collaboration
  • Project Structure Development
  • Project Communication Control
  • BIM Consulting
  • Standards Development
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Procore Implementation and Setup

Design Process Consulting

  • Construction-Focused Collaboration Tools
  • Quantity Takeoff & Estimating
  • Project Scheduling Software
  • BIM/VDC Software
  • Construction Software and Process Training

Construction Support 

  • Estimating Services
  • Scheduling Services
  • Project Management Services

ZenTek helps our Construction clients with all that and much more. Fill out the form below to start a discussion with ZenTek around your current solutions, how to get the most out of them, and what else you can do to improve profitability for your firm.