BricsCAD: The Better, Faster and Smarter CAD

In this short video, we'll show you the CopyGuided and MoveGuided tools in BricsCAD which allow you to copy or move entities accurately with their relative geometry. We'll also show how you can copy an entity and specify an array so you can speed up your layout process.

In this short video, we introduce you to the Blockify and Manipulator tools inside BricsCAD. The Blockify tool finds all instances of selected linework and converts them all into blocks. The Manipulator tool allows you edit the location of entities without using multiple commands.

In this short video, we'll discuss the Quad tool in BricsCAD, which provides one, compact heads-up display of drafting and design tools. This allows you to find the tools you want when you need them without having to search the menu items.

In this short video, we discuss the Palette tab and Drawing Explorer in BricsCAD. With the Palette tab, all the common tools you would use for drafting, like layers, properties, xrefs, etc., are integrated into one tab for convenience and speed. The Drawing Explorer in BricsCAD provides a single source for you to manage multiple drafting content, including style definitions and named drawing content.