Event Series Civil 3D for Public Works

Civil 3D for Public Works


Have you ever noticed that the objective of most introductory AutoCAD Civil 3D classes is to educate on all areas of the software and not on the specific tools you need? If you work in a public works organization and want to learn AutoCAD Civil 3D, then this is the class for you. ZenTek Consultants

Event Series Part Building in AutoCAD Civil 3D

Part Building in AutoCAD Civil 3D


Once you’ve put the time in to master AutoCAD Civil 3D pipe networks, the struggle becomes finding structures, fittings, pipes, and appurtenances that meet your project needs. The Autodesk part catalogs are large, but not always efficient and there are some noticeable oversights in what they provide out-of-the-box. Wouldn’t it be great if you could

Civil 3D – Site Design Simplified


Developing site design controls and surfaces in Civil 3D is a vital skill set, but it’s one that’s all too often left to a “learn as you go” process. Civil 3D provides designers with a powerful set of tools to generate fast, detailed, and reliable site conditions for both existing and proposed surfaces. This class