Make the Move to BricsCAD

You’re Moving from AutoCAD to BricsCAD . . . Now What?

So, you’ve made the (very smart!) decision to move to the BricsCAD system and now you want to be sure that all your tools, templates, and standards from AutoCAD make their way into your new system as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Don’t worry - ZenTek Consultants is here to help!

​Our Make the Move program is designed to help you move all your existing CAD Standards, exactly as they stand, into the BricsCAD system locations so that you can have your people right back to their normal level of productivity in no time at all. ZenTek can handle the task of assembling all your current templates, borders, palettes, and custom tools into a single EXE file that will deliver all your current content directly to the appropriate BricsCAD folder locations on each user’s system. We will also develop custom Profiles that will point BricsCAD to your current server locations to ensure shared company files are correctly accessed. ZenTek will even include a two-hour training course, to familiarize your users with the BricsCAD environment and BricsCAD specific tools to make their job easier.

With our Make the Move program, ZenTek will:

  • ​Copy all AutoCAD Customization (CUI) files to BricsCAD.
  • ​Copy all AutoCAD Printing/Plotting related files to BricsCAD (PC3/PMP/CTB/STB).
  • ​Copy all AutoCAD Template files (DWT) to BricsCAD.
  • ​Copy all AutoCAD Sheet Set Template files (DST) to BricsCAD.
  • ​Copy all AutoCAD Tool Palettes (ATC) to BricsCAD.
  • ​Copy all AutoCAD AutoLISP files and Autoload files to BricsCAD.
  • ​Create a BricsCAD Standard Profile that points to your existing central support file locations.
  • ​Set BricsCAD Command Line Switches to always launch with Standard Profile.
  • ​Provide training on BricsCAD interface and tools (two-hour online class – max 8 students)*

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Making a change in your CAD system is also an ideal time to review, update, and even create new CAD standards to optimize your workflows. ZenTek Consultants also provides full-service CAD Standards development for our clients. Click here to learn more about our CAD Standards Services.

* Each additional student will incur a fee of $99/student

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