Customizing Space Data

Whether you’re leasing, renting, or just tracking space usage on a departmental basis, one of the key requirements is the ability to quickly determine how much space is being used and the ability to change/update that on the fly. Traditionally, this has meant expensive Facility Management and CAD systems that require extensive training and configuration. But there’s a better way. You can use simple PDF documents, that everyone is familiar with and has access to, for generating Space Data with the necessary information and calculations embedded right into the space. Imagine a Space Data control system configured to exactly the display and output features that you need, and that are easy enough for anyone to use with almost no training required.

Customizing Space Data

ZenTek Consultants can help you define standardized space tools that can easily apply area counts, calculations, and labeling directly onto any PDF plan. Using Bluebeam Revu as our source system, we can develop and distribute tools with intelligent data that let your staff easily define and update Space Data as needed, at a fraction of the price and time you’re investing today. These tools can be centralized on a server, or distributed to your user systems, the cloud or field tablets as needed to ensure consistent, reliable, and reportable Space Data for every facility or property you control.

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