Dashboard Controls for Security Plans

A major component of any security plan is making sure that everyone knows who, when, where, and most importantly, how to contact the people required to act upon an emergent situation. All too often that data is buried deep on servers and in subfolders, which makes it difficult and slow to find specific files/sections. This can significantly delay response times, which are crucial in emergencies. To address that concern, ZenTek Consultants works very closely with our Government & Public Facility clients to develop intelligent Dashboard controls which can direct people to the exact information they need, at the moment they need it, via easy-to-use buttons and hyperlinks.

Dashboard Controls for Security Plans

Imagine all personnel having immediate access to training, response teams, contact info, counseling, policies and any other data required to respond to an emergency - all in one place. Now imagine all those links and connections tied to the files, processes, and data you already use, without the need for new software or changing how you work. Users can hover over buttons to get a detailed description of what information it leads to, then simply click to open files, folders, websites, even IOT-enabled cameras and security devices right from their desktop via Digital Dashboard Controls, customized to the processes and workflows you need them to follow. Look at the printed safety manuals, directives and procedural texts people need to find, comb-through and follow in your current environment and then compare the efficiency of using an integrated, online dashboard Control system to make sure everyone is on the same page at all times.

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