Safety Integrations

Evacuation plans, fire suppression, alarm systems, and nearly any other safety control system can be complex to plan, control, distribute, and maintain. These systems incorporate not just plan data, but countless files and folders containing verification, updates, service records, and contact information that can take immense amounts of training and effort to understand, access, and control. It gets far worse when you realize that you need to incorporate dozens of different file types, web locations, and software packages. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could access all this data through a simple visual control dashboard that work with any and all file types?

Safety Integrations | ZenTek Consultants

ZenTek Consultants works with our clients to develop Safety Integration Dashboards, based in simple PDF format, that will let your users see, access, and work with all your internal safety information with a simple point-and-click interface that requires no training or specialized software. We can take your current safety workflow, files, procedures, and data and incorporate them into a visual dashboard that gives your internal staff, or the public if needed, access to all your safety procedures in the simplest manner possible. Imagine site plans that connect to buildings; that show each floor, with all evacuation routes and assembly areas connected; and have the ability to connect directly to attendance forms or emergency services, all through one interface.

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