Security Integrations

Cameras, scanners, card readers, and any type of security device you work with in the modern world can be tied to cloud based, IoT, access processes. The issue of course is how do you find the correct access point for every single device and integrate that access into your daily workflows? The answer is using PDF-based security dashboards to integrate these disparate systems into a single, easily accessible interface that anyone can use. Imagine a series of 3D models, floor plans, buttons, or lists of device names in any combination that users simply click on to access live video feeds, logs, or any other online data feed. No need to worry about detailed explanations, descriptions, or training - just a simple point-and-click interface that anyone can understand and use.

ZenTek Consultants specializes in building security dashboards for schools, hospitals, government offices, or any other secure facility you work with to make accessing all these data devices easier and faster for everyone involved. Instead of looking for new, expensive enterprise-level software systems for getting your staff access to these feeds, we work with you to use the existing workflows, tools, and processes you already use. We integrate 3D scans, plans, digital twins, BIM models, and any other graphic interfaces with intelligent cross-link integrations to make accessing your Security Integrations simpler at all levels.

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