Equipment Tracking

No matter what type of facility management, or control, you are responsible for, the one thing we all face is the necessity of handling information about the location, status, and maintenance of our equipment. We need to know where equipment is supposed to be in our facility and, when it changes hands or locations, where it was moved. The problem has always been tracking that. Dedicated Facility Management software is expensive, difficult to use, and often requires extensive CAD skills and integrations to work. What if it didn’t have to be like that? What if you could simply drop a pre-defined symbol for a piece of equipment onto a PDF plan and have it tell you exactly what room/zone/floor, etc. that piece is in instantly? What if it would update the location every time you moved that symbol on your plan so you could always know where everything in your building is located?

Equipment Tracking

Using Bluebeam Revu for PDF-based Digital Dashboarding, you can do just that. ZenTek Consultants can configure your PDF plan documents to include Space designations that will identify every equipment symbol you place in its real-world location. End users just place equipment symbols, move them when needed, and Revu updates their locations in your facility instantly. We can help you build your equipment symbols, incorporate all the labels & data you need for each one, and show you how to easily structure your facility with Space designations, or even create them for you in each of your buildings. Tracking, filtering, and reporting on equipment throughout your facility has never been simpler.

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