Fire & Life Safety Controls

Alarms, extinguishers, pull stations, sprinkler heads, and dozens of other components that make up Fire & Life Safety systems are vital to maintaining a safe and secure facility. The problem is, there are so many of them in every building, how do we track needed information like test/recharge dates or repair and certification histories for each item? Sure, we might have the original construction documents but those are hard to read for most people and they provide only limited information about where things are, and very little about the details you need to maintain them. Wouldn’t it be nicer if your safety, fire, and evacuation plans provided intelligent data and linked connections to all your control systems? ZenTek Consultants can help you do all that, and much more, using digital dashboarding to help you visually organize, structure, and track all your data in simple visual formats.

Fire & Life Safety Controls

Whether you’re looking to show your data in PDF plans, or 3D Digital Twins, ZenTek can help you link all the Fire & Life Safety equipment in your facility to any website, file, or record that you need. Monitoring service sites, maintenance records, codes, alarm systems, and even basic file types like Excel and Word documents you use every day, can be connected to provide a visual, easy-to-use network of safety data that anyone can navigate.

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