Create Enlarged Plans from a PDF with Bluebeam Revu


When you’re working with Construction documents in PDF, you don’t want to be restricted to marking up and measuring based on the small size of the original plan. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pull out the area you need to work in, scale it up to a workable size, set a scale

Procore Action Plans – Ensure Work Is Done the Way It Should Be


We all have workflows and processes that staff and subs are supposed to follow, but making sure people understand and follow those paths is a struggle. We’ve all tried checklists, Excel forms, and hundreds of emails, but tracking and verifying that way is next to impossible. What you want is to simplify all your work


InfraWorks: A Simple Tool for Showing Impressive Concepts


In the civil design world, we need to remember that not everyone we talk to can read a grading plan, or even knows what a profile is. We need the ability to share our concepts in a visual format that anyone can understand. From the general public at hearings to the confused owner, the best

Simple and Quick Field-to-Finish with Stringer Topo


Stringer Topo expedites the post-processing of field-to-finish in an easy-to-use, light-weight application that rides on BricsCAD, AutoCAD, or Civil 3D. With Stringer Topo, we can easily produce plan ready topography as well as surfaces by automating much of the data reduction time in the office. In this webinar, we will explore the following: Creating project-based

6 Tools That Will change How You CAD


Tired of using a CAD system that makes you use the same old tools, at the same old slow rate, that you’ve been frustrated with for 15+ years? BricsCAD is a game-changing CAD system that gives you all the tools/features you have today, in the same DWG format you use, but it’s better, faster, smarter,

BricsCAD Custom Tools at Your Fingertips


​One of the most powerful features in BricsCAD is the ability to create your own custom tools and then host them on tool palettes that can be accessed and used by every user in your company. How nice would it be to have linework, blocks, hatches, etc. come in at the right size, scale, and