Advanced Modeling For CAD/BIM, Geospatial, Manufacturing, and Reality Capture In a Single Environment


The use of multiple Advanced Modeling technologies across the wide spectrum of commercially available design tools can lead to fail points, inefficiencies, disruptions and project cost over-runs. A single system, designed to handle 2D/3D CAD, BIM, Advanced MFG (additive/deductive), Reality Capture, and Geospatial/TIN Modeling has been a wish list item of Government Agencies for years.

Use Feature Lines to Simplify Corridor and Road Creation in Government Projects


USACE, ERDC/ITL, even state DOT level projects make extensive use of Corridor and TIN Modeling to establish exact, geo-referenced, models of existing and proposed corridor designs. The processes most government engineers and contractors use can be slow, difficult, and error prone, particularly in the commonly used AutoCAD Civil 3D workspace. Corridors have a reputation of