Improve Performance and Drive a Safer Oil & Gas Industry with Bluebeam Revu

Industry Challenges

Effective Communication

  • May have digitized some workflows, but still using paper-based processes and workflows in other areas
  • Version control for accountability and auditing – most up-to-date info with digital files
  • Working globally across disciplines and project phases

Safety Demands

  • The need to balance efficiency and risk
  • Regulatory pressures
  • Safety integrity of assets from inception to retirement
  • Data security

Staying competitive

  • Economic pressures
  • Cost overruns from inefficiencies
  • Scarcity of skilled labor, doing more with less
  • Innovating and differentiating

How Bluebeam Drives Quality and Productivity

Standardize seamless digital collaboration

  • Improve communication across teams with easy-to-use markup and collaboration tools
  • Customize, save and share profiles and markups
  • Collaborate securely in real-time from anywhere.

Ensure accountability and compliance

  • Get detailed tracking and reporting
  • Track author, date, color, comments, statuses and images – from start to finish
  • Securely access the latest updates from any device

Accelerate end-to-end processes

  • Speed up leak tests, line walks, P&ID reviews, and more
  • Mark up and measure together to create accurate, scaled site plans
  • Use dynamic document creation tools for searchable O&M manuals

See how you can improve efficiency and reduce risk with Bluebeam Revu. 

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Bluebeam Revu for Oil & Gas