BricsCAD Kickstart

Whether you’re new to BricsCAD, or an experienced firm looking to make the change to a better CAD system, there’s no better time to set your standards up correctly than when you’re already planning a change. Our BricsCAD Kickstart program is designed to get you rolling efficiently and help give you a leg up on your competition by ensuring consistent output on all your drawings. The BricsCAD Kickstart plan addresses some of the most common template/standards issues people face in the design/build world and helps you get them resolved painlessly and affordably. If you need more, or more detailed standards built, ZenTek is here to help you out as well, just ask and we’ll be happy to put together a specialty program adapted to your best work practice.

We include all of the below, in one simple package for only $2,995:

  • Discovery Meeting
    A one (1) hour meeting to discuss/review/ and plan your tools and custom data needs. ZenTek will provide a form for you to specify your custom tool needs in writing.
  • A Default DWG Template
    One custom Template file in BricsCAD to house all your custom layers, text & dimension styles, scales, borders, etc.
  • Custom Layer Set
    Incorporation of up to fifty (50) custom layers, with associated colors/line types/plot style to be hosted in the Default DWG Template.
  • Custom Text Styles
    Creation of up to five (5) custom text styles (annotative or standard) within the Default DWG Template.
  • Custom Dimension Styles
    Creation of up to five (5) custom Dimension styles (annotative or standard) within the Default DWG Template.
  • Paper Space Border Tabs
    Creation of up to five (5) Paper Space tabs, with appropriate company borders and a single viewport on each (creation of borders not included) within the Default DWG Template.
  • Plot Style Configuration
    Creation of a single BricsCAD NCS Standard Plot Style Configuration (CTB or STB as required) to match the number of Layers developed.
  • Standard Config File Creation
    Creation of a single BricsCAD Configuration file for internal distribution that will point to all plotting, template, etc. and standard file locations in your environment.

Want to know more about our BricsCAD Kickstart? Give us a call at 866-824-4459 or simply fill out the form below and we'll get back to you shortly.