Construction Project Setup in Bluebeam Revu

The most vital, and often the most difficult, aspect of working with a set of PDF construction documents in Bluebeam is the project setup. Having all documents scaled, labeled, rotated, and ready to work with is important, but it can be a time-consuming and expensive process to handle in-house.

Imagine working a construction project where all your pages were scaled, all your details linked on the plan, even having a linked table of contents to quickly open the documents you need with one click of the mouse! What if all your rooms and phases were labeled for you so you could easily identify issues or QTO items in their real-world locations, or if every enlarged plan/detail was already scaled for quick and accurate measurements?

ZenTek Consultants can take over setting up every one of your construction PDF sets, formatted and structured for use in Bluebeam Revu, and we can do it for far less than you’d invest doing it yourself. Whether you have a small 10-page residential document set or a 3,000-page interstate highway project, we can help optimize your project and make everything you do easier and faster.

Want to see what type of output you get? Just click here for an example PDF

If you’re ready to get started, just reach out to ZenTek with your service Tier choice and we’ll get things going.

Silver Tier

  • Clean up PDF (flatten links & viewports, set page orientation, optimize file size)
  • Run OCR on Scanned Documents
  • Label & Number all pages in the document set
  • Create a Bookmark List and a Table of Contents PDF
  • Structure Bookmarks by Discipline
  • Hyperlink all in-line page callouts to page numbers

Gold Tier
(Includes all Silver Tier Items)

  • Combine or Split PDF documents into disciplines (architectural, civil, etc.)
  • Create Places (targets) for all Details & Enlarged Plans
  • Create Hyperlinks to all detail callouts
  • Add all Enlarged Plans as Bookmark Children on Table of Contents

Platinum Tier
(Includes all Silver & Gold Tier Items)

  • Name all Buildings/Rooms/Areas as Spaces
  • Set Scale on all Plans & Enlarged Plans
  • Set Scale on all Details

Additional Services:

  • Revision Slip Sheeting: Insert Revised PDF sheets and maintain current markups
  • Document Comparison: Identify/Rev bubble two versions of a PDF file
  • Document Overlays: Overlay and align multiple documents

Want to know more about our Bluebeam Project Setup Services and how we can help you? Give us a call at 866-824-4459 or simply fill out the form below with your specific needs and we'll get back to you shortly.