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Hidden Costs of Paper-Based Workflows

Using paper for many construction processes and workflows may be familiar, but it’s eating into potential efficiency and profits—more than you realize:

  • Printing costs: The ink and hardware required to print large construction documents isn’t getting cheaper, and tabulating these costs on a per-project basis is labor-intensive.
  • Potential for errors: Miscommunication is more likely with paper, as varying versions of documents physically travel from location to location with multiple collaborators commenting in potentially illegible handwriting.
  • Lost jobs: In today’s digital world, more and more general contractors and design firms require project partners to collaborate with digital tools, meaning firms stuck using paper-based workflows might miss out on work.

Streamline Communication, Save Time & Money

By taking paper-based document reviews digital, subcontractors can save time and money:

  • Eliminate transportation: Stakeholders no longer have to be in the same room to sign off on document reviews. And with cloud-based construction software, documents don’t need to physically travel between separate offices.
  • Minimize errors and the potential for re-work: By taking previously manual markups and translating them into a clean digital environment, construction firms can drastically cut down on the possibility that illegible comments lead to jobsite errors, causing costly re-work. Plus, today’s digital collaboration tools automatically generate a detailed record of every comment or markup, eliminating the potential for miscommunication.
  • Single source of truth: By digitally storing and collaborating on the same documents, construction firms reduce the risk that multiple versions are being circulated. This ensures that official project documents are being viewed by the right stakeholders with the correct permissions.

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