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Building Information Modeling software has taken over architecture and civil planning - and BricsCAD BIM makes it simple for firms to jump into this vital technology.  Design your new projects in true 3D with solids that you can sculpt to your needs.  You aren't limited to existing primitives, allowing you to quickly create highly detailed 3D CAD models of the structure under development.  BricsCAD BIM allows you to focus on creative design and problem-solving, rather than getting bogged down in tedious software details.

The benefits of BricsCAD BIM don't end with the 3D modeling - it also allows you to easily create robust documentation, automatically derived from the 3D CAD files.  Plans, Details, Sections, bills of materials, construction instructions, and more can all be generated with ease.  Plus, BricsCAD 24/7 collaboration means you are ready to share your project in progress with the client, and receive feedback, at any time.

A fresh look at BIM

In BricsCAD BIM, design decisions come first, and machine learning algorithms automate the laborious tasks of manipulating BIM data, documentation, and levels of detail.

Design to BIM

You can find a flexible, direct modeling tool and a professional CAD product in the same DWG platform. Design geometry can directly be converted to BIM elements.

CAD Software

A safe path to BIM for CAD users without the disruption of learning a traditional BIM system. Spending less on software and training while avoiding performance dips during transition lowers the barriers to entry.


BricsCAD BIM leverages the power of solid CAD modeling that supports flexible design, BIM, and the accuracy needed by engineers and manufacturers, opening the possibility of linking BIM with fabrication workflows in BricsCAD Ultimate.

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New in V24.2 highlights

Beam Tool: BricsCAD


Beam Tool

Use the Beam tool to add beam elements to building models using generic or standard library shapes.

Wall Tool: BricsCAD


Wall Tool

The Wall tool is now able to fit walls to point cloud data without being limited to the X and Y directions.

IFC Import Dialog: BricsCAD


IFC Import Dialog

IFC import is now interactive, with a new, easy-to-use dialog and filtering functionality.

IFC 4 Reference View Export: BricsCAD


IFC 4 Reference View Export

With improved IFC4 Reference View Export, Layers are now also exported.

Roof Tool: BricsCAD


Roof Tool

The Roof tool has a new polyline option to allow the creation of a roof in familiar CAD manner.

Point Clouds: BricsCAD


Point Clouds

Point Clouds can now be assigned a color map based on classification and transparency.

Tools, commands and workflows

Slab Tool


Slab Tool

Use the Slab tool to easily create slab floors with or without pre-defined materials.




Use COLUMN tool to add vertical load-bearing elements to building models using generic or standard library shapes.

ROOF tool


ROOF tool

The ROOF tool makes it easer than ever to create a roof. You can make it either by selecting 2 points or a building outline for a more complex shape.

Automated scan to BIM


Automated scan to BIM

Automatic Scan to BIM capabilities get even better with the new room detection command POINTCLOUDDETECTROOMS and the POINTCLOUDFITROOM command, which fits planes to the detected room resulting in a closed solid.

Features, settings and performance enhancements

Column tool with Detection


Column tool with Detection

Scan to BIM modeling is more efficient with the enhanced BIMCOLUMN tool that can detect rectangular or circular column profile in a point cloud section.



QUICKWALL becomes part of the wall tool

QUICKWALL is now part of the WALL tool. You have the option to either create a single wall or poly-wall all-in-one panel.

Add background image


Add background image, sunlight and perspective to your Typed Plan

Additional settings are now available in the Type Plans Editor for better graphical representation of the 2D plans.

Interoperability and integrations

RVT Export


RVT Export non-editable and meta-data

You can now export a 3D BIM model from BricsCAD as an RVT file, so it can be imported into Revit® as its native file format. This model is intended to be used as a contextual model in Revit.

IFC 4 Reference View Export


IFC 4 Reference View Export

For an IFC4 export, now choose between a full Design Transfer export, or a limited Reference View export.The Reference View is a simplified export that will allow better exchange with other tools, such as Revit, that don't support the full IFC toolkit.

Unified Namespace for BIM properties


Unified Namespace for BIM properties

From now on, you don't have to bother choosing the IFC version for the properties. Instead of 2 different Namespaces for IFC2x3 and IFC4 properties, there is now 1 unified namespace, based on IFC4. When exporting to IFC2x3, the mapping needed to have the correct Property and Attribute names is dealt with in the background.

IFC Validation


IFC Validation

Check an IFC file for its quality before importing with IFCVALIDATE.On the command line and in the log file, a report will be given when errors against IFC specification rules are found in the file.

Managing construction documentation



Benefit from an improved associative dimensions mechanism which reduces associativity loss.


BIMTAG  Enhanced

Use Fields in BIMTAG and Story Indicators to fully control text layout. Added possibility to create tags on the fly.

Typed Plans

Typed Plans  Enhanced

Customize drawing plans and BIMTAGs from within the Typed Plan Editor.



Dimension multiple entities at once, using a selection window and filters.

BIM authoring and modeling


STORYBAR  Enhanced

Use the new Story Bar to distinguish between stories and navigate easily through the project.



Toggle between bounding box and full block representation in all block references.



Select a set of solids instead of the entire drawing with this new variable to BIMPROPAGATE.

Project Management

Version Control Panel

Version Control Panel  New

Manage versioning of projects and view local projects in this new panel.


IFC import and export

IFC import and export  Enhanced

Benefit from improved geolocation import and improved export of user-defined properties.

RVT import

RVT import  Enhanced

Benefit from several improvements and fixes in RVT import.

RFA import

RFA import  Enhanced

Filter out invisible groups during RFA Import.


Unreal/Twinmotion  Enhanced

Benefit from a DirectLink to Twinmotion to render your designs (Windows only).

Information Management

BricsCAD BIM graphicoverride


Temporarily change the visual appearance of entities based on their properties.



Use Python version 3.9 with BricsCAD. Ply’s properties and setting properties are now supported in Python scripts.


Compositions  Enhanced

Use the new composition types, compositions and materials now added to the metric and imperial libraries.


Templates  Enhanced

Enjoy the new out-of-the-box templates and layouts.

User Interface

Command panel

Command Panel  New

Enjoy a uniform panel used across different commands for a more interactive experience.

Sections & Views

Project Browser  Enhanced

Use the simplified, redesigned interface for a clear overview of the project.

Point clouds

FITPLANAR entities

FITPLANAR entities  Enhanced

Click on the region of a point cloud to create surfaces and solids, or create openings as polylines.


FITPLANAR spaces  Enhanced

Create spaces as solids and invert these solids to a BIM model with slabs and walls.



Create cylindrical solids based on two seed points.

2D workflow

2D workflow  Enhanced

Start your designs by cutting and projecting a floor plan into a 2D linework.

Convert to smart BIM

Experience design freedom with a 3D workflow that is not limited by pre-defined parts or libraries components. Use intuitive push-pull direct modeling to sculpt your mass-model concept. Your model remains light and responsive, because it’s not over-loaded or over-constrained.


Quick floor plans

BIMQUICKDRAW takes sketching into the 3D realm. You can create and modify 3D room layouts as easily as sketching out a 2D floor plan. Creating and editing rectangular and L-shaped rooms and buildings has never been so fast.

Quick Building

Create a BIM from a solid massing model 

BIMQUICKBUILDING supports iterative and generative design workflows, quickly transforming a solid massing model into a conceptual BIM model with slabs, walls, and spaces -- helping the designer to explore many design options in an early design phase.

Create Spaces and Zones

Create Spaces and Zones

You have unlimited freedom to create Spaces and Zones using a free-form Direct Modeling approach. Spaces can be simple or complex 3D volumes, or 2D abstractions. These methods deliver the freedom to specify building areas.


Bi-directional link with Grasshopper

There’s a live, two-way link between the BricsCAD BIM modeler and McNeel’s Rhinoceros®/Grasshopper to bridge the gap between early-stage generative design and BIM, by translating geometric entities into BIM elements.

Top View Mode

Top View Mode

BricsCAD BIM gives you the ultimate flexibility of modelling your designs with direct modelling or the brand-new Top View Mode, which gives you the familiar experience of modelling in a plan view. Creating simple wall layouts with doors, windows has just become a lot more efficient in BricsCAD BIM.



Visualize your projects at every phase of the workflow with BricsCAD BIM. With a single click, you can start real-time rendering using Enscape, Twinmotion, or Lumion, and walk through your fully-rendered model project.

visualize design Enscape Twinmotion Lumion

Classify, replicate, automate

Leverage the power of AI tools to automatically convert your concept study models to fully-classified BIM models (LOD 200). Then, increase the LOD of your BIM continuously using the power of BricsCAD BIM’s AI-powered workflows.


Auto-classify building elements

BIMIFY examines the geometry of each solid in the model, then detects and automatically assigns IFC entity classifications. This automated classifier can save hours of work in the creation of a BIM.


Auto-complete BIM data

AUTOMATCH will automatically match and complete BIM information across multiple entities, such as missing compositions, properties, and more. Add compositions to a wall, and AUTOMATCH will suggest adding that composition to every matching wall in the entire BIM.

Propagate Details

Propagate details

Drive a consistent level of detail (LOD) across your entire BIM, automatically. Adjust a composition ply at a ceiling/wall juncture and replicate that change across the BIM, wherever you need it. You always have full control over the suggestions Propagate makes.

Generate spectacular documentation

Create clear and accurate construction documentation in record time, using the automatic generation of sections, elevations, drawing views and sheet layouts. You can always customize them using the world’s best drafting and annotation tools. Change your BIM, and all associated drawing views will be regenerated automatically to stay in total synch with the model.

Fast Drawing Generation

Fast Drawing Generation

In BricsCAD BIM, drawing view generation is threaded across multi-core CPUs, to keep you working smoothly while drawings and sheet sets are being generated.

Type plan templates

BIM Typed Plans Templates

With user configurable BIM Typed Plans templates, you can generate and customize any plan layout (architectural, structural, fire & life safety, etc.) using 2D graphical overrides for BIM elements, and custom annotations & tags.

BIM Project Browser

BIM Project Browser

Create and manage 2D drawings, sections, and schedules from the integrated Project Browser. Everything is organized and well-structured in one place.

Auto Annotations

Auto Annotations

Place and update tags & dimensions automatically with BricsCAD BIM’s automatic annotation tools.

Stair Styles and Representation

Stair Styles and Representation

Model stairs your way and let BricsCAD BIM create a 2D symbol on the sheet. Stairs in BricsCAD BIM, whether they were created with the BIMSTAIR tool or with direct modeling, now get an automatic and adapted 2D representation on sheets. The BIMSTAIR command panel has also been updated for improved user-friendliness.

Detailing and quantification

Increase your model’s LOD by adding information and duplicating it in any or all matching instances across your BIM automatically. With high accuracy and consistent Level of Detail across the entire BIM, exact quantity takeoffs and Bills of Materials can be extracted, displayed, and exported.

Propagate 2D detail

Propagate 2D detail

The Propagate workflow can be used to replicate architectural and structural details across an entire BIM. Details can be automatically parameterized, then stored, managed., and used from the detail library. These custom components can be re-used across different stages of the design process and across multiple projects.

BOM Manager

BOM Manager

The BOM manager, previously only available in Mechanical, has been integrated in BricsCAD BIM to significantly increase quantity take-off capabilities. Creating lists, schedules and bill of materials has become much easier and users have gained more control over their data.

Propagate 3D details

Propagate 3D details

Drive a consistent level of detail (LOD) across your entire BIM automatically. Adjust a composition ply at a ceiling/wall juncture and replicate the change across the BIM, wherever you need it. You always have full control over the suggestions BIMPROPAGATE makes.

Deliver custom designs for Manufactured Building Products

The accuracy of BricsCAD BIM offers new horizons for manufacturers of building products. Custom components can be designed and shared as assemblies, for use within the BIM or on the shop floor for fabrication.

Manufacturers of building components can create production-ready assemblies in BricsCAD® Mechanical, then share their designs as libraries of components for use with BricsCAD BIM.

Parametrize workflow parametric building components


The Parametrize workflow lets you create intelligent, fully parametric building components in seconds, without the hassle of manual parameter and constraint assignment.

Parts and Assemblies

Parts and Assemblies

Manufacturers of building components can work in BricsCAD Mechanical or other mechanical design systems, then share their designs as libraries of components for BricsCAD BIM.

MEP Tools

MEP Tools

BricsCAD BIM supports building mechanical services in full 3D. The intuitive modeling tools let you create HVAC ducts and pipes as flow segments. These segments can be automatically connected via bends, T-connections, and automatic branching.


Scan existing conditions to verify the accuracy of old survey drawings and start your renovation projects from an accurate, as-build model. Point clouds can help you check progress and quality during construction and make a permanent record of the completed building for future renovations.

Scan to Plan

Enjoy the efficiency of automation, as BricsCAD BIM will detect floors and auto-generate 2D linework as a basis for a 2D plan of your building layout. A 2D plan can easily be converted to 3D geometry without advanced modeling skills.

Scan to BIM

BricsCAD BIM is the best tool for modelling the existing conditions quickly and accurately. Industry-first performance, flexible modeling tools, and various automations support the efficient generation of smart BIM from scans.

Collaborate freely

BricsCAD BIM supports global open standards to ensure smooth collaboration with everyone on the extended design/build team. Add Bricsys 24/7, our SaaS-based Common Data Enviroment (CDE), as the hub for model sharing and project communications.


IFC 4.0 and BCF

BricsCAD BIM’s underlying database is a direct, 1:1 mapping with the OpenBIM Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) 4.0 schema. We support open standards across the product, like the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) for display and resolution of design issues.

Trimble Sketchup

Import directly from Trimble® Sketchup

When you import SKP files into BricsCAD Shape, they are automatically stitched into solids. BricsCAD Shape supports the latest versions of SKP files for import.

Autodesk® Revit® Import

RVT Import

Import your RVT projects straight into BricsCAD importing all the geometry, enabling easy collaboration with teams using Revit®.

RFA import

RFA import

Super-charge your productivity by importing from the vast selection of families supplied by manufacturers and import vital information along with accurate geometry natively in BricsCAD BIM.

BricsCAD V23 Discover the Difference Video

BricsCAD Brochure

BIM Simplified

2D Drafting and 3D BIM in One File

2D Drafting and 3D BIM in One File

BricsCAD - A Better DWG Solution

BricsCAD - A Better DWG System

Don't Let Fear Keep You Tied to AutoCAD

Don't Let Fear Keep You Tied to AutoCAD

BricsCAD: Seeing is Believing

BricsCAD: Seeing is Believing

It's easy to replace your current CAD system with BricsCAD

It's Easy to Replace Your Current CAD System with BricsCAD

BricsCAD vs OtherCAD: Network Licensing

BricsCAD vs Other CAD: Network Licensing

BricsCAD – The Power of the Quad

BricsCAD: The Power of the Quad

Blockify – Make Hundreds of CAD Blocks at Once!

Blockify – Make Hundreds of CAD Blocks at Once!

BricsCAD Custom Tools at Your Fingertips

BricsCAD Custom Tools at Your Fingertips

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BricsCAD Cost & Leasing Information

BricsCAD provides flexible licensing options so you can choose the best approach for you. BricsCAD software is available as a perpetual, subscription or network license.

Need to discuss volume discounts, purchasing options or want a formal quotation? Contact us at 866-824-4459.

Leasing is Available

Did you know that you can lease software, training, and consulting services*? Leasing allows businesses to get the software and equipment they need without affecting bank or credit lines. No matter the type of business, you need the proper software and equipment to efficiently compete and flourish. That’s why we offer leasing options through Lease Corporation of America.

Why Lease?

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