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BricsCAD Lite

BricsCAD Lite offers a superior set of 2D CAD drafting tools, perfect for architectural firms and construction companies accustomed to working with traditional drafting tools. BricsCAD takes the familiar interface your drafters already know from AutoCAD but adds numerous features and go-anywhere compatibility.  It's easy for people to transition their skills from AutoCAD to BricsCAD Lite, then go on to discover all its powerful new features.  Because BricsCAD works natively in the industry-standard DWG format, all your existing project files can be opened directly, with no need for conversion!

AI-driven features such as Nearest Distance calculations and Copy Guided make BricsCAD Lite the ultimate in 2D CAD drafting.

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New in V24.2 highlights

Print & Publish output: BricsCAD


Print & Publish output

BricsCAD supports custom printer paper sizes to ensure consistent print and publish outputs.

Sheet Set Manager: BricsCAD


Sheet Set Manager

We have improved the import performance of existing drawing layouts into a new sheet.



HIDEOBJECTS - on the Status Bar

The presence of hidden or isolated objects in a drawing is now directly indicated on BricsCAD's Status Bar.

Nested PURGE: BricsCAD


Nested PURGE - UI access

Nested PURGE operations are now selectable from the Purge dialog, either in standalone mode, or through the Drawing Health Manager.




BricsCAD's unique FINDOUTLIERS workflow now performs better on drawings with large extants. There is also an improved user interface for better usability - including the ability to draw a valid area, a 2D/3D mode toggle, and new icon symbology for invisible, frozen and hidden outliers.

Block Libraries: BricsCAD


Block Libraries

Converted Parametric Blocks can now automatically be saved to block Libraries.

Direct Modeling: BricsCAD


Direct Modeling

BricsCAD now displays temporary graphics to aid in Direct Modeling edit operations.




BricsCAD now manages drawing property evaluation to speed the loading of large or complex drawings. The Property panel and combo-box performance is greatly improved for large or complex drawings.

Spline-fit POLYLINEs: BricsCAD


Spline-fit POLYLINEs

We greatly improved the display performance of spline-fit POLYLINEs.

Point Clouds: BricsCAD


Point Clouds

We greatly improved the display performance of color-mapped Point Clouds, and added the ability to apply a color map based on classification.

Interface and user experience

BricsCAD Ribbon - Ribbon - visual and performance enhancements


Ribbon - visual and performance enhancements

The BricsCAD V24 command Ribbon is based on our new UI framework, and includes a general ribbon tool size setting to make the Ribbon easier to use on 4K screens.

LookFrom widget



The LookFrom widget is updated in V24, and it offers a more dynamic way to change the view when working in Model space.

BricsCAD Start Page


Start Page

BricsCAD's new Start Page offers direct template selection and the option to pin recently used documents so they remain at the top of the list.

BricsCAD In product Tutorials


In product Tutorials

BricsCAD now includes a new series of in-product tutorials to help users learn about the unique and powerful features of our newest V24 Release.

BricsCAD Express Tools


ExpressTools - references to on-line Help system

The ExpressTools now link directly to the BricsCAD on-line Help System in V24.

Smart AI-driven tools

BricsCAD TABLEs: SmartCell copy


TABLEs: SmartCell copy

BricsCAD V24 includes new SmartCell Copy functionality to simplify the creation and editing of data tables in your drawings.


EnhancedUnique to BricsCAD
COPYGUIDED3D now works with defined constraints to better manage the placement and manipulation of detail entities.

BricsCAD AI Assist recommendations

EnhancedUnique to BricsCAD
AI Assist - dynamic command suggestions 
Bricsys has improved the next command suggestion algorithm in the AI Assist ribbon to make smarter choices, based on all of your inputs to BricsCAD.

BricsCAD Parametric Blocks

EnhancedUnique to BricsCAD
Parametric Blocks improvements
In V24, Bricsys has improved BricsCAD's native Parametric Blocks and the dynamic-to-parametric BLOCKCONVERT workflow, and added Move and Rotate to the list of supported parametric operations.

BricsCAD Drawing Health Management

EnhancedUnique to BricsCAD
DWGHEALTH improvements
BricsCAD's unique Drawing Health Management workflow now includes functionality for creating re-usable clean-up routines, and incorporates the OVERKILL command workflow in V24.

Tools, commands and workflows



Model view tab Sheet Set Manager

Also in V24, a new Model View tab is available in the Sheet Set Manager. New drag-and-drop functionality has been added to the Sheet Set tree view, in addition to drag preview.




The new QUICKCALC panel makes it simple to perform math calculations directly inside of BricsCAD V24, with support for parameters and formulas.

FINDOUTLIERS command in BricsCAD



The TRIM command now highlights the selected segments that can be trimmed or extended.

BLOCKIFY command in BricsCAD


QDIM (Quick Dimensioning)

QDIM, new to BricsCAD in V24, helps you create linear dimensions by simply selecting the objects that you want to annotate.




The ANNOMONITOR system setting allows you to flag disassociated annotative dimensions, regardless of the style of the dimension entities.

Features, settings and performance enhancements

BricsCAD Sheet Set Manager


Sheet Set Manager

BricsCAD's Sheet Set Manager has been improved with a notification system to assist multiple users in accessing a single sheet set (.dst) file.

Generated Drawing Views: Performance improvements


Generated Drawing Views: Performance improvements

The drawing view engine in BricsCAD V24 has been optimized to generate 2D associative drawing views from your 3D models up to 40% faster than in previous releases.

Constraint Management


Constraint Management - better control of arcs and circles

Improvements to BricsCAD's constraint management system allow for better control of 2D profile geometry when constraint values are changed dramatically.

Point clouds


Point clouds - added the Hexagon Point Cloud Classifier

BricsCAD V24 includes the Hexagon intelligent Point Cloud Classifier (PCC). This technology helps detect found objects inside of point cloud data.

Interoperability and integrations

Print to Raster: PNG and TIFF formats


Print to Raster: PNG and TIFF formats

BricsCAD can print/publish directly to multiple raster formats, and offers upgraded Publishing support for PDF bookmarks. We've also improved WMF output configuration options and file output quality.

BricsCAD is built entirely on the industry standard DWG format, with full command, script, macro, and menu compatibility.

BricsCAD is highly compatible

BricsCAD Lite is highly compatible with AutoCAD®

There’s no need to change your printers, templates, blocks or sheet set layouts to move to BricsCAD – all are 100% compatible. Command names, aliases, and system variables are the same in BricsCAD and AutoCAD®. BricsCAD is based on native DWG for the highest compatibility with other CAD users across all industries.

  • Command compatible
  • Menu (.CUI, .CUIX) compatible
  • Macro/script compatible
  • Support file (.PC3, .LIN, .PAT, .DWT, .SSM) compatible
  • Based on 2018 DWG technology
LISP Routines

LISP Routines

BricsCAD Lite fully supports LISP, and is compatible with AutoCAD’s AutoLISP format, making it simple to reuse existing routines. BricsCAD's advanced BLADE LISP environment allows you to quickly develop customizations that can slash the time it takes for repetitive drafting tasks.

Why use LISP?

LISP routines are the easiest way to automate processes and workflows for bulk layer manipulations, changing entity properties, automate drawing and XREF relationships, standardize plotting and publishing workflows, etc.

BricsCAD offers unique tools to help you get more work done faster. With commands powered by advanced machine-learning technologies, users can accelerate tasks and remove hours of manual repetition.

Drawing Explorer in BricsCAD

Drawing Explorer

Giving You Greater Control Over All Drawing Elements

In BricsCAD, the Drawing Explorer centralizes what, in other CAD platforms, amounts to many separate dialog boxes. It's easy to navigate and search.

  • Linetypes
  • Layer management
  • UCS control
  • External references
  • Blocks
  • Images
  • Section planes
  • and much more

Convert repeated geometry to Block Definitions

BLOCKIFY automatically creates a block definition and replaces all matching sets of entities with block references throughout your entire drawing. You can reduce DWG file size up to 90% by using Blockify to find repetitive geometry and convert it into block references.


The Quad: drawing, editing, and information near the cursor

BricsCAD’s unique Quad is a “heads-up” command palette that predicts your command usage and offers one-click access to the command you’ll most likely need next. Powered by machine learning, the Quad predicts the commands you will need, based on the unique way you use BricsCAD.

Drawing Explorer in BricsCAD

Automatically align copied entities

COPYGUIDED automatically aligns copied entities to relevant geometry using automatically generated guide curves. You can explicitly select entities to use as guide curves or let BricsCAD determine them based on the drawing elements in your selection.

Parametric Blocks

Parametric Blocks: a dynamic approach to creating 2D Blocks

Parametric blocks automate repetitive tasks by allowing users to create one block instead of lots of similar, separate block definitions. You can create 2D block definitions using the same set of tools and workflows that you are familiar with.

Adaptive Grid

Adaptive Grid Snapping

BricsCAD’s dynamic snap grid changes to reflect your zoom level. The adaptive grid snap feature lets you create, edit, nudge and manipulate entities using precise values without the need for keyboard entry. The snap step size adapts based on the current screen zoom factor.

Shift Key

Dynamic UCS: The Power of the Shift Key

With BricsCAD’s Dynamic UCS, the coordinate system is aligned automatically with the entity under your cursor. By tapping the Shift key, you can lock or unlock the UCS, which allows you to start drawing outside the selected entity or face. 2D users can increase their drawing productivity by automatically aligning the UCS with selected entities for both 2D and 3D.


Autoconstrain 2D drawing elements

When creating parametric 2D drawing elements, BricsCAD enables you to intelligently and automatically apply parameters and constraints with just one click, applying geometric control quickly and easily for fast design changes and reuse.


Optimize drawing quality

OPTIMIZE corrects your drawing issues by automatically finding and healing inconsistancies such as gaps and misalignments which may otherwise be difficult to see, improving drawing accuracy and giving you a cleaner, more efficient result.



The Manipulator is a versatile tool that lets you move, rotate, scale, and mirror selected entities. Hold down the Control key when starting an action and the Manipulator will keep the original entities, automatically creating copies of them. The Manipulator can act on single or multiple entities at once.

CAD should feel smooth and seamless, no matter how many millions of lines are in the file. BricsCAD supports multi-threaded, multi-processor operations to accelerate product performance for file loads, drawing generation and rendering.

High performance graphics engine

High performance graphics engine

In each new version of BricsCAD, we strive to improve display performance. Enjoy smooth zoom and pan operations in drawings containing hundreds of thousands of entities.

PDF and Big TIFF underlays

PDF and Big TIFF underlays

BricsCAD uses a multi-resolution, persistent image cache to display PDF underlays, enabling super-fast zoom and pan operations. And BricsCAD’s raster engine delivers great pan and zoom performance, even with enormous 64-bit Big TIFF files.

The Bricsys 24/7 connection panel lives inside of BricsCAD, and gives you direct access to our cloud-based file storage and collaboration network.

BricsCAD V23 Discover the Difference Video

BricsCAD Brochure

BricsCAD - A Better DWG Solution

BricsCAD - A Better DWG System

It's easy to replace your current CAD system with BricsCAD

It's Easy to Replace Your Current CAD System with BricsCAD

BricsCAD: Seeing is Believing

BricsCAD: Seeing is Believing

BricsCAD vs OtherCAD: Network Licensing

BricsCAD vs Other CAD: Network Licensing

BricsCAD Custom Tools at Your Fingertips

BricsCAD Custom Tools at Your Fingertips

BricsCAD – The Power of the Quad

BricsCAD: The Power of the Quad

Blockify – Make Hundreds of CAD Blocks at Once!

Blockify – Make Hundreds of CAD Blocks at Once!

Visit our YouTube Channel for more resources on how to use BricsCAD.

Compare BricsCAD to AutoCAD

BricsCAD offers a whole new world for those who venture beyond the AutoCAD® horizon. Among its growing community of users, BricsCAD is best known for its feature-rich combination of 2D drawing and 3D modeling.

BricsCAD Lite BricsCAD Pro AutoCAD
Multi-platform licenses
Perpetual + Maintenance
Network Multi-user
Volume (Perpetual)
Native DWG format
Password Protection
Sheet Set Manager
Geographic Location
Drawing Compare
Cloud Collaboration
Dark & Light Color Themes
Industry standard commands, aliases, and variables
Command Line
Start tab
File (Drawing) tabs
Menu bar
Tool Palettes
Contextual right-click menus
Contextual Quad menu
Status bar
Searchable settings (Variables) dialog box
Lockable Interface
Clean Screen Mode
Drawing Explorer
Customizable User Interface
Structure Browser
Layout Manager
Selection filtering
Add Selected
Select similar
Selection cycling
Entity Snaps
Polar Tracking
Zintersection 3D snap
Nearest distance
Adaptive Gripsnap
Real-time boundary detection
2D Dynamic UCS
3D Dynamic UCS
Line, Polyline, 3D Polyline, Spline, Ray, Xline
Multiline and Multiline Styles
Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Elliptical Arc
Polygon, Rectangle, Region, Donut, Point
2D Parameters, Constraints
Text, Multi-line Text, Text Styles, Text Editor
Dimensions, Dimension Styles
Multi-leaders, Multi-leader Styles
Hatches, Gradients, Hatch/Gradient Editor
Revision Clouds
Attributes, Attribute Editor
Tables, Table Styles
Data Extraction
Data Linking
Annotation Scaling
Spell Check
Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Stretch, Mirror, Align
Trim, Extend, Lengthen, Break, Join
Fillet, Chamfer
Grip Edit
Properties Panel
Manipulator (3D Gizmo)
Undo Per Entity (Property History)
Blocks, Block Editor
Dynamic Blocks
Block Face Camera
Associative Arrays
Dwg (Xref) Attach, Clip, Bind, Edit
PDF Attach, Clip
Image Attach, Clip, Adjust, Transparency
Point Cloud Preprocess, Attach, Crop, Colormap
Layers, Layer States
Visual Styles
LookFrom (ViewCube™)
Match Perspective
Sun Properties
Animation Editor
Walkthrough navigation
ANIPATH command
ACIS Modeling
Solid and Surface Modeling
Solid Primitives
Mesh Primitives
Union, Subtract, Intersect, Interfere
Extrude, Revolve, Loft, Sweep, Thicken
Fillet, Chamfer
T Connect, L Connect, Connect with Nearest
Extract Edges
Direct modeling
Deformable (Freeform) modeling
Audit, Simplify
3D Parameters, Constraints
3D Autoparametrize
3D Blockify and Parametric Blockify
3D Parametric Design Tables
Section planes
Drawing Views
3D Threads
Point Cloud Align
Point Cloud Bubble Viewer
TIN Surface Modeling
Civil Points
TIN Volume Surface
Profiles (Vertical Alignments)
Civil 3D Object Enabler
Boundary Trim
Publish/Batch Plot
CTB & STB Table Files
PC3 Printer Configuration Files
Named Page Setups
PDF Import, Export
DAE Import, Export
IFC Import, Export
3DM Import, Export
LandXML Import, Export
Import Autodesk Civil 3D Data
RFA Import
SKP Import
DGN Import
RVT Import
DWF Export
SVG Export
FBX Export
STL Export
Point Cloud Export (.LAS and .PTS)
Point Cloud import (.LAS, .LAZ, .PTS, .PTX, e57, .RCS, and .RCP
Additional formats available with BricsCAD Communicator
Entity data editor
Script Recorder
Full LISP Support (vl, vlr, vla, and vlax)
Solutions Development System (SDS/ADS)
DCL engine
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
VBA DVB projects support
TX (Teigha eXtensions)
CUI menu files support, with Diesel expressions
Manufacturing Tools
Mechanical Browser
Parts Library
Assembly Modeling
Exploded Views
Kinematic Analysis

BricsCAD Cost & Leasing Information

BricsCAD provides flexible licensing options so you can choose the best approach for you. BricsCAD software is available as a perpetual, subscription or network license.

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Leasing is Available

Did you know that you can lease software, training, and consulting services*? Leasing allows businesses to get the software and equipment they need without affecting bank or credit lines. No matter the type of business, you need the proper software and equipment to efficiently compete and flourish. That’s why we offer leasing options through Lease Corporation of America.

Why Lease?

  • Conserve your working capital
  • Simple application/approval process
  • Finance installation and training costs in one lease
  • Potential tax savings under IRS Section 179
  • $1 purchase option allows you to own the equipment at the end of the term
  • Quick turnaround times on Credit Applications: Under $150,000 approvals in 2-4 hours with application only; over $150,000 approvals in 24 to 48 hours with submission of tax returns or financials
  • Fixed monthly payments throughout term
  • Trade up to new equipment
  • Competitive finance rates

* Lease pricing starts at $5,000 at a minimum.

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