BricsCAD Mechanical

With BricsCAD Mechanical, 3D mechanical design becomes easier than ever. BricsCAD Mechanical adds features specifically intended to enhance the creation of mechanical products. You can create parametric parts and components in 3D space, working directly with 3D solids. Define your own constraint systems, and quickly change their parameters within the Properties panel. These 3D models can be fully animated as well, allowing your engineers to show off their designs in a way that any client will be able to easily grasp.

BricsCAD Mechanical

Replace Your Autodesk Inventor® and Save!

  • Autodesk Inventor (Annual): $2300
  • BricsCAD Mechanical (Annual): $950
  • BricsCAD Mechanical (Perpetual): $1780

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BricsCAD’s unique variational 3D modelling approach gives you the freedom to design how you want to, from concept to detail, with whatever level of parametric control you need.Quickly develop complex components on their own, or directly within an assembly.

Design parts and components

With BricsCAD Mechanical, the design process is simple. Start your design with a 2D sketch, then extrude, revolve or sweep it to create a 3D solid. You can also use built-in 3D primitives to specify the initial shape of your part. Move on to the details using extrusions, fillets, chamfers, Boolean operations, and edit using dynamic direct modeling. You control as much or as little of the form as you like with parameters. You can also import 3D solids and edit them as native components.

Automatically align copied entities

Automatically align copied entities 

3D COPYGUIDED automatically aligns copied sets of features to relevant geometry using automatically generated guide curves. You can explicitly select entities to use as guide curves or let BricsCAD determine them based on the drawing elements in your selection.

Smart Piping Design 

Create rigid pipework, then add parametric valves, flanges, and associated fastenings. All from a comprehensive library of items, which intelligently resize correctly via a one-click process.

Flexible 3D modeling

Our unique 3D design approach combines dynamic and interactive direct modelling with the ability to add parameters only where they’re needed, and without the complexity of a history-based approach.

Create parametric parts using 3D constraints

3D parametrize and constraints

The PARAMETRIZE A.I. workflow turns parts into smart, parameter-driven components in seconds. Build constraint systems, drive parts formulaically, build table-driven components, and change component parameters in the BricsCAD Properties Panel.

Copy features

Copy features

Model features once and use them many times with powerful tools that copy existing features in 3D solids – such as holes, ribs, pockets.

Hole feature library

Hole feature library

BricsCAD contains a library of standard hole features – you can easily insert holes into your parts via drag and drop actions.

Create sheet metal part designs that are resilient and deeply editable.

Sheet Metal Design

Import or create from scratch

Not only does BricsCAD Mechanical let you create sheet metal components from scratch, but you can also convert solid parts to sheet metal, automatically, with just one click. This robust approach lets you spend more time evolving your design and less time worrying about redefining sheet metal features.

Rework at any time

Sheet metal parts can be edited with the full power and freedom of direct modeling, while the consistency of each feature (flanges, bends, reliefs, junctions) is automatically maintained.

Automatically unfold

Create un-folded 2D representations that are bi-directionally associated to the 3D sheet metal part. You can also use the unfolding engine to send parts to industry-standard CAM systems.

Convert to Sheet Metal 

3D models created in BricsCAD or other CAD systems can be converted to sheet metal automatically, with one click. Features can then be manually refined or changed to quickly achieve your desired form.

Feature-Based Direct Modeling

Feature-Based Direct Modeling

The flexibility of direct modeling maintains design intent, expressed as sheet metal features – flanges, bends, reliefs, and others.



Create 2D and 3D unfolded representations to drive CAM systems. The 3D unfolded representation can be edited simultaneously to fix detected conflicts, while keeping the 3D folded part in sync.

Parametric Sheet Metal Parts

Parametric Sheet Metal Parts

Use the full power of 3D constraints, arrays, and automatic parametrization to create different design variants from your sheet metal models.



The Hem feature for Sheet Metal allows you to model a hemming metal-working process. BricsCAD supports open hems, teardrops, and rounds with user-adjustable parameters.

Form Features

Form Features

BricsCAD Mechanical provides a library of parametric form features – such as louvers, bridges, embosses, and others. You can also create complex ribs defined by any curve.

Lofted Bends

Lofted Bends

You can create lofted sheet metal parts between two arbitrary 3D curves. BricsCAD Mechanical can recognize lofted bends in imported geometry, and automatically decompose them into multiple flanges.

Flanges Bends Junctions and Tabs

Flanges, Bends, Junctions and Tabs

Create flanges in multiple ways – using a base flange, an edge flange, or a via a contour tool. You can always change the way adjacent flanges connect – via a bend, junction or tab-and-slot connection – to improve manufacturability.

Reliefs and Splits

Reliefs and Splits

Avoid material conflicts during the bending process by leveraging the library of reliefs in BricsCAD Mechanical. Split parts in a single click and automatically propagate the split to other corners in your model.

Build potentially complex assemblies and subassemblies using components designed in-house or by others.

Bottom-up and top-down Assembly Design

Bottom-up and top-down Assembly Design

BricsCAD Mechanical users can create complex hierarchies of parts and sub-assemblies using bottom-up or top-down design methods. You can import assemblies from different CAD systems using Communicator for BricsCAD, including Parametric geometry defined in those assemblies.

Powerful Assembly Design Tools

Quickly build assemblies from existing components, or design new parts within the assembly itself. Apply constraints between parts for a robust representaton of your product design.

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials

Interactively and automatically create a top-level BOM, a parts list, or a hierarchical table from your assemblies. Customize the BOM as you want, define properties for your parts, and link it to your assembly using automatically-created balloon tags.


Assembly Joints, Kinematic Analysis and Animation

Use 3D constraints to assemble joints in an assembly. Remaining degrees of freedom can be used to analyze the kinematics of the mechanism. You can create complex 3D animations controlled by these parametric relationships.


Materials and Mass Properties

Assign materials to parts of your assemblies, and BricsCAD will compute weight, center of gravity, main inertia axes, etc.

Exploded Views

Animated Exploded Views with Trailing Lines

BricsCAD Mechanical can create multi-axis exploded views, automatically disassembling complex assemblies and adding trailing lines, in just one click. Easily annotate and animate the assemblies for technical manuals and documentation.

Parametric Standard Parts

Parametric Standard Parts

BricsCAD Mechanical contains a library of 30,000 standard mechanical components of 800+ different types, all with customizable parameters.

BricsCAD offers the best, and most familiar, workflow for turning your mechanical designs into production drawings.

Drawing views

Drawing views

Automatically create drawing views of your 3D parts and assemblies, and detail views easily with dimensions and annotations. If your 3D model changes, generated drawing views are updated automatically.

  • Base views
  • Projected views
  • Section views
  • Detail views
  • BOM table
  • Balloons

Fast generation of draft quality drawings

Speed up drawing layout using fast, draft-quality views. Then, using multi-core CPUs to create precise views in record time. BricsCAD Mechanical is responsive to your inputs during background drawing generation.

Automatic Drawing Update

Automatic Drawing Update

Drawing views remain associated with the 3D model. Change a single part, subassembly, or the whole assembly, and all 2D drawing views are automatically updated, allowing fast design iterations and changes.

Section views

Section views

You can create section views of 3D parts and assemblies. Section planes can be defined by a line drawn on a base view, or you can create more complex sections: half sections, offset sections and aligned section views.

Detail views

Detail views

BricsCAD Mechanical allows you to automatically create detail views from any existing view in your drawing layout.

Bill of Materials Table

Bill of Materials Table

The BOM panel lets you manage multiple BOM tables in your drawings. You can format each column individually, set up equations, sort tables, and more.



BricsCAD Mechanical creates associative balloons for each component in an assembly, and manages the display of those tags in all automatically generated 2D views.

Bring CAD data from many other formats seamlessly into BricsCAD with Communicator for BricsCAD. Easily and quickly build it into your assemblies, modify it via direct modelling, or make it intelligent by applying parameters.

Import and export all types of files with BricsCAD

Available by default in BricsCAD:

  • Sketchup (import)
  • Images (TIFF, JPEG, etc.)
  • PDF

Communicator for BricsCAD®

A BricsCAD add-on to seamlessly import 3D geometry and PMI data from all major CAD applications. Import and export other file formats for:

  • Parasolid
  • Inventor®
  • Catia™
  • STEP
  • Siemens NX
  • Creo
  • IGES
  • and more...

Communicator for BricsCAD is an extra-cost module that works with BricsCAD Pro, BIM, Mechanical and Ultimate

Increased AutoCAD Mechanical® compatibility

Compatible drawings

Compatible drawings  Enhanced

Use pre-defined templates, in ANSI, DIN, ISO and JIS standards, to create compatible-format drawings.

Weld symbols

Weld symbols  New

Insert or reuse industry-standard, compatible weld symbols.

Surface finish symbols

Surface finish symbols  New

Insert or reuse industry-standard, compatible surface finish symbols.

Intelligent grip editing

Intelligent grip editing  

Edit AutoCAD Mechanical symbols using familiar, dynamic grip controls.

Improved Assembly Design and Standard Parts functionality

Component custom properties

Component custom properties  New

Add or import custom properties for components into your assemblies, and view them in BOMs.

BOM Thumbnail Images

BOM Thumbnail Images  Enhanced

View thumbnail images of each assembly component in your BOMs for improved clarity.

Mechanical blocks

Mechanical blocks  Enhanced

Define components by creating mechanical blocks from regular blocks, XRefs or 3D solids for simpler design workflows.

Automated pipe fasteners

Automated pipe fasteners  New

Intelligently insert the correct parametric fastenings in flange connections, which update automatically when sizes change.

Mechanical Browser

Mechanical Browser  Enhanced

View regular blocks and Xrefs in the Mechanical Browser along with their parameters.

Top-down rigid pipe design

Top-down rigid pipe design  Enhanced

Create conceptual pipe layouts then automatically convert them to detailed mechanical parts.

Standard valve catalogue

Standard valve catalogue  Enhanced

Easily insert standard pipe valves from a comprehensive, multi-standard catalogue.

BricsCAD sheet metal enhancements

Automated solid to sheet metal process

Automated solid to sheet metal process  New

Convert solid models with planar faces to intelligent sheet metal parts with one click.

Jog creation and recognition

Jog creation and recognition  Enhanced

Easily and quickly apply jogs to flanges and lofted bends.

Hem feature

Hem feature  Enhanced

Create a hem as a specific sheet metal feature, for faster design and unfolding.

Manipulator on flange faces

Manipulator on flange faces  Enhanced

Easily modify and adhere to valid transformations of bends with Manipulator.

Rolled edge feature

Rolled edge feature  New

Drive faster workflows and better quality results with the new Rolled Edge feature.

Edge flanges

Edge flanges  Enhanced

Create edge flanges from straight end edges of cylindrical lofted bends.

BricsCAD V22 - Why You Need To Upgrade

BricsCAD V22 - Why You Need To Upgrade

BricsCAD Brochure

BricsCAD - A Better DWG Solution

BricsCAD - A Better DWG System

It's easy to replace your current CAD system with BricsCAD

It's Easy to Replace Your Current CAD System with BricsCAD

BricsCAD: Seeing is Believing

BricsCAD: Seeing is Believing

Direct Modeling - The Future of 3D Design

Direct Modeling - The Future of 3D Design

Moving to 3D with BricsCAD Direct Modeling

Moving to 3D with BricsCAD Direct Modeling

Parametric Blocks – One Object to Replace Dozens!

Parametric Blocks – One Object to Replace Dozens!

Complex Solid Modeling Made Easy in BricsCAD

Complex Solid Modeling Made Easy in BricsCAD

Working with Sheet Metal in BricsCAD

Working with Sheet Metal in BricsCAD

BricsCAD vs OtherCAD: Network Licensing

BricsCAD vs OtherCAD: Network Licensing

BricsCAD Custom Tools at Your Fingertips

BricsCAD Custom Tools at Your Fingertips

BricsCAD – The Power of the Quad

BricsCAD: The Power of the Quad

Blockify – Make Hundreds of CAD Blocks at Once!

Blockify – Make Hundreds of CAD Blocks at Once!

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BricsCAD Cost & Leasing Information

BricsCAD provides flexible licensing options so you can choose the best approach for you. BricsCAD software is available as a perpetual, subscription or network license.

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