Bluebeam Cloud Services

If you work in the construction industry, whether as a general contractor, specialty contractor, installer, developer, or anything else – you need Bluebeam Cloud. The best thing though, is you probably already own it.

Bluebeam Cloud (released as part of Bluebeam Revu V21) has major benefits for how the construction world works. Bluebeam Cloud lets you create, control, track, and respond to all your construction workflow processes from one central location. There are even “Geolocation Insights” in Bluebeam Cloud, to help you identify markups/issues tied to real-world locations. Bluebeam Cloud comes with every Bluebeam Revu license (starting with V21), at no additional cost, and it will drastically improve the way you work between field and office.

With our Bluebeam Cloud services, ZenTek Consultants - your Premiere Bluebeam Partner - is here to help you quickly and easily set up, configure, and learn to use Bluebeam Cloud. From simple markups, to RFIs, Submittals, and Punch Items, Bluebeam Cloud automates communication, collaboration, and file tracking in the construction arena. Best of all, Bluebeam Cloud is designed for small/medium-sized construction firms and brings high-end construction ERP functionality in a tool you already know, at almost no cost!

Bluebeam Cloud Services ZenTek Provides

  • Bluebeam Cloud Configuration (Settings & Integrations)
  • Import of Existing Projects to Bluebeam Cloud
  • Intelligent Drawing/Document Naming
  • Team & Distribution Groups Setup
  • Geolocation Insights Configuration
  • Custom Bluebeam Cloud Tools Creation
  • Bluebeam Cloud Training

Need help with Bluebeam Cloud? Give us a call at 866-824-4459 or simply fill out the form below with your specific needs and we'll get back to you shortly.