BricsCAD: The Alternative to Autodesk

Autodesk is forcing all their users into a named-user licensing scheme, where each user must maintain an account rather than using a network license or perpetual serial number. As a result of this transition, companies with maintenance plans on perpetual licenses are no longer supported as of May 2021, and subscriptions with multi-user access will be cancelled as of February 7, 2023, and will no longer work.

If you have multi-user licenses, your only option from Autodesk is to trade in one license for 2 named user subscriptions, but, if you use network licensing with three or more seats, this named user model will cost you substantially more beginning next year. Since named user licenses are linked to a single, "named" user, this licensing model means that companies will need to purchase subscriptions for every user who uses the software – even for a casual use. Plus, administering more licenses puts an additional load on CAD Managers and IT staff.

Why Choose BricsCAD?

BricsCAD is a modern and powerful CAD solution that is available as a flexible license, and is linked to the company that owns or rents it. BricsCAD’s network licenses can float across your network, to serve both dedicated and casual users. If an employee joins or leaves your firm, there’s no need to jump through any hoops to assign or re-assign their named user subscription. Bricsys offers single, volume and network licenses that you can buy (perpetual) or rent (subscription).

Plus, BricsCAD simply costs less and offers more CAD efficiency.

Discover the BricsCAD Family of Products

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Part of the reason we've chosen BricsCAD, a smarter/faster alternative to AutoCAD as our CAD platform of choice, is the wide range of software packages it offers - while always keeping the licenses affordable and portable.  This family of products includes:

BricsCAD Lite

BricsCAD Lite offers a superior set of 2D CAD drafting tools, perfect for architectural firms and construction companies accustomed to working with traditional drafting tools. BricsCAD takes the familiar interface your drafters already know from AutoCAD but adds numerous features and go-anywhere compatibility.  It's easy for people to transition their skills from AutoCAD to BricsCAD Lite, then go on to discover all its powerful new features.  Because BricsCAD works natively in the industry-standard DWG format, all your existing project files can be opened directly, with no need for conversion!

AI-driven features such as Nearest Distance calculations and Copy Guided make BricsCAD Lite the ultimate in 2D CAD drafting.

BricsCAD Pro

3D Modeling has never been easier or more robust than with BricsCAD Pro.  This software takes all the 2D CAD features found in BricsCAD Lite, while adding extensive 3D modeling features.  Engineering, architectural, and construction specialists will all benefit from an easy-to-use interface combined with AI and automation-driven features that simplify repetitive tasks.

BricsCAD Pro is particularly helpful for civil engineering, thanks to its suite of tools for tasks such as grading and alignments. Create and edit TIN surfaces with ease, while utilizing BricsCAD 24/7 to easily share files, collaborate, and track the changes made.  Plus, if a feature you need isn't available natively, BricsCAD Pro offers over 400 third-party applications and plug-ins to enhance its capabilities.


Building Information Modeling software has taken over architecture and civil planning - and BricsCAD BIM makes it simple for firms to jump into this vital technology.  Design your new projects in true 3D with solids that you can sculpt to your needs.  You aren't limited to existing primitives, allowing you to quickly create highly detailed 3D CAD models of the structure under development.  BricsCAD BIM allows you to focus on creative design and problem-solving, rather than getting bogged down in tedious software details.

The benefits of BricsCAD BIM don't end with the 3D modeling - it also allows you to easily create robust documentation, automatically derived from the 3D CAD files.  Plans, Details, Sections, bills of materials, construction instructions, and more can all be generated with ease.  Plus, BricsCAD 24/7 collaboration means you are ready to share your project in progress with the client, and receive feedback, at any time.

BricsCAD Mechanical

With ZenTek Consultants and BricsCAD Mechanical tools on your side, 3D mechanical design becomes easier than ever.  BricsCAD Mechanical adds features specifically intended to enhance the creation of mechanical products.  You can create parametric parts and components in 3D space, working directly with 3D solids.  Define your own constraint systems, and quickly change their parameters within the Properties panel.  These 3D models can be fully animated as well, allowing your engineers to show off their designs in a way that any client will be able to easily grasp.

BricsCAD Ultimate

BricsCAD Ultimate combines all the powerful features of BricsCAD Pro, BIM and Mechanical in a single affordable package, with a single license key.

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