Matterport Integration for Facility Management

One of the most difficult aspects of Facility Management is information control. Pick any piece of equipment throughout your building and think of all the data that gets associated with it. Service records, warranties, parts lists, manuals, even construction and design files can be part of the information tracking. Now think of the thousands of items you need to control throughout your facility . . . the scope of it is daunting! We’ve all tried myriad ways of tracking and accessing this data, from expensive CAFM systems to detailed directories, document management systems, and many others. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just look at any piece of equipment in your facility and say, “Show me everything that goes with that?” Well, with Matterport, you can do exactly that!

Matterport Authorized ResellerMatterport integration for Facility Management will let you:

  • View and control your facility in true 3D.
  • Label and detail spatial layouts and rooms.
  • Tag and link to specifications on all equipment.
  • Tag and link to service/maintenance records and requests.
  • Connect to files, support sites, or databases.

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ZenTek Consultants, your authorized Matterport partner, is here to help you handle all aspects of developing your master control digital twin for facility management. We’ll handle the cameras, the scanning, and most importantly: the integration of all your data into an intuitive point-and-click interface that anyone can use with almost no training. We can link all your systems to any website, file type, page, or form that you need and connect to data from any location, throughout the world. Matterport will even integrate directly to your intranet, website, or dashboard control systems and is easily updated when new equipment is installed or renovations occur. Stop worrying about where/how/when support files are being created and stored and just click to get all the information you need, with Matterport for Facility Management.

Want to see what we’re talking about? Just take a look at the short video below to see exactly how Matterport can change the way you manage your facilities for the better.

Matterport is the industry-leading 3D and photogrammetry capture system in the world today. That means with a Matterport 3D Camera you can develop highly-detailed models and walkthroughs of even the most complex site in a matter of hours. That’s great, but the real power of Matterport lies in its ability to tag individual items in your digital twin with notes, videos, images and – most importantly – links to as many related documents as you need. That means you literally can just point at anything in your facility and say, “Give me all the data for that!” and Matterport does.

Learn how facility managers can use Matterport to increase ROI, cut costs, and improve staff productivity.

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