Matterport Integration for Public Facilities

Schools, universities, hospitals, government buildings, or any other large scale public facility all need to address security, safety, and health concerns in efficient way. But integrating all that into one access system has been an elusive dream. Imagine though, a fully-developed 3D digital twin of your facility, where you can add links to all the supporting systems and data you need to access that can be selected right from where they exist in the real world. What if you could click on a security camera in the model and jump right to the live feed page? What if you could view 3D evacuation routes, space use and access data, or link to just about any other control system/data you need right from the 3D model? Matterport, the industry-leading 3D photogrammetry system, can help you do all that and much more.

Matterport Authorized ResellerMatterport integration for Public Facilities will let you:

  • View your venue in true 3D.
  • Tag and access safety plans and escape routes.
  • Tag and access equipment and related data in any space
  • View photos/videos of spaces or equipment usage.
  • Connect to security cameras, files, sites, or databases.

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ZenTek Consultants, your authorized Matterport partner, is here to help you handle all aspects of developing your facility’s digital twin. We’ll handle the cameras, the scanning, and most importantly: the integration of all your data into an intuitive point-and-click interface that anyone can use. We can link your model to any website, file, form, or video that you need and connect it to data from any location, throughout the world. Matterport can integrate directly to your intranet, website, or dashboard control systems and is easily updated whenever you need to add new data or if the facility undergoes renovation.

Want to see what we’re talking about? Just take a look at the short video below to see exactly how Matterport can improve the way you handle security and safety in your public facility.

With a Matterport 3D Camera, you can develop highly-detailed models and walkthroughs of even the most complex site in a matter of hours. That’s amazing, but the real power of Matterport lies in its ability to tag individual items in your digital twin with notes, videos, images, links to related documents, or other websites as you need. The Matterport digital twin can be a fully-functional control system for your entire facility, without the need for confusing plan views, sketches, and callouts. Users view and access everything about your facility the way they’d see it in the real world and can “walk through” the facility from anywhere in the world.

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