Renovations Made Faster and Simpler

If you do any type of renovation or retrofit work, the largest issue you face is getting dimensionally accurate plans of the existing condition of your project. Developers, Architects, and Builders all struggle with the time it takes to get people on site to take manual measurements, generate plans, make corrections, and re-visit the site multiple times to resolve issues. It can delay the start of a job by weeks, even months, and cost thousands of dollars before you can even begin the design process.

Have your job ready to launch in days at a fraction of the price you pay for manual surveys and plan development!

ZenTek Consultants can eliminate all those issues. With our 3D Matterport scanning services we can scan your existing facility, develop both 3D and 2D plans (in Revit or DWG) for you to start the design from, and have your job ready to launch in days. We not only save you time, but we do it at a fraction of the price you pay for manual surveys and plan development. Beyond that our Matterport model comes with full 3D photogrammetry, showing every inch of your project ready for virtual touring so there’s never any need to re-visit the site!

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