It’s Not Always BIM – AutoCAD Architecture for Design

$525 per person (in the US and Canada) | 8 CPC/CEU credits

Building Information Modeling is a powerful tool, but it’s not the answer to everything. The truth is that some jobs just don’t warrant, or require, fully-developed 3D models with advanced BIM Level-Of-Development features. In truth, BIM can be overkill for most of the projects you run as a small-medium sized design firm. There is still a very large need for intelligent, 2D design files and one of the most powerful tools out there to help you complete those jobs is AutoCAD Architecture. With built-in features for generating dynamic plans, walls sections, details, and elevations, this highly-customizable program is the premiere design tool for the architectural world. If you’re looking to get fast, reliable output of construction documents that you can actually build from – without the complexity and overhead of developing BIM models – then ZenTek Consultants is here to help!

This eight (8) hour course is delivered in four (4), two-hour long sessions that students can attend online, right from their own desk. A live instructor will explain the detailed functions of AutoCAD Architecture, and address questions as the class progresses.

Note: Instructor will present using Autodesk AutoCAD 2024. Students who wish to follow along with instructor are encouraged to use the same version.

Recording: Registrants for this course will receive access to a recording of each session for 7 consecutive days. Access will start the next business day after the session ends.

Must attend all four sessions.

Session 1: Understanding the Display Manager

  • Understanding Configurations
  • Working with Sets
  • Understanding Representation by Object

Session 2: Elevations and Sections

  • 2D, 3D, and Live Sections
  • Working with Subdivisions
  • Material display in Sections
  • Editing Sections and Elevations

Session 3: Generating Details

  • Using the Detail Component Manager
  • Creating and modifying Detail Component Databases

Session 4: Project Navigator

  • Project / Constructs / Views / Sheets
  • Drawing Coordination
  • Configuring Project standards

This class is offered by request only. If you are interested in this class, please fill out the Training Waitlist form and we’ll contact you with scheduling information.