AutoCAD for Architectural Layout

$525 per person (in the US and Canada) | 8 CPC/CEU credits

Most AutoCAD classes show you how to use the drafting tools, like polylines and circles, but the real world requires more knowledge than that. This course focuses on developing an architectural design, from scratch, using nothing but standard 2D CAD tools. These skills are vital to becoming an effective architectural drafter/designer, even if you have more advanced add-on software. Knowing how to handle basic layout and creation of plans, elevations, sections, and details using basic AutoCAD is a must. ZenTek Consultants will walk you through the process of developing an actual set of construction documents for a single-family residence, from scratch. You’ll learn all the skills and processes you need to design any type of architectural project.

This eight (8) hour course is delivered in four (4), two-hour long sessions that students can attend online, right from their own desk. A live instructor will explain the detailed functions, and address questions as the class progresses.

Note: Instructor will present using Autodesk AutoCAD 2024. Students who wish to follow along with instructor are encouraged to use the same version.

Recording: Registrants for this course will receive access to a recording of each session for 7 consecutive days. Access will start the next business day after the session ends.

Must attend all four sessions.

Session 1: Plan Layouts

  • Space Planning and Area Layout
  • Using Offsets and Fillets
  • Trim, Extend, and Osnaps
  • Polylines and PEDIT Tools
  • Basic Layering and Annotation
  • Present Plans in Viewports to Scale

Session 2: Creating Elevations

  • Extending Elevations from Plan
  • Create Window and Door Blocks
  • Basic Hatching
  • Floor Levels, Datums and Dimensions
  • Present Elevations in Viewports to Scale

Session 3: Sections and Wall Sections

  • Extend Sections From Plans
  • Adding Wall Section Tags
  • Drawing Footings & Foundations
  • Drafting Wall Assemblies
  • Adding Sills/Jambs for Windows & Doors
  • Draw Roof Connections
  • Present Sections in Viewports to Scale

Session 4: Details Drafting

  • Detail Callouts on Plan/Section
  • Drafting Details to Scale
  • Drafting Details NTS
  • Layer Setups for Details
  • Annotating Details
  • Present Details in Viewports to Scale

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Custom/Private Training

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