Mastering Microsoft SharePoint Online

$125 per person (in the US and Canada) 

When it comes to the modern world, easily sharing data and files is the Holy Grail of technology that we all search for. SharePoint Online from Microsoft, a standard part of most Office 365 business and enterprise packages, may be the very thing you’re looking for. SharePoint Online is a cloud-based file storage and sharing system that gives you complete control of your largest data sets, from anywhere in the world. From simple file sharing to versioning controls, workflows, and automated notifications, SharePoint is a must for any firm. SharePoint Online is also fully integrated into Microsoft Teams for true project communication and collaboration through the Office 365 system you probably already own.

ZenTek Consultants, a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, will show you the most effective means of using this powerhouse storage and collaboration system. This four (4) hour program is delivered in two (2), two-hour long sessions that students can attend online, right from their own desk. A live instructor will explain the detailed functions, and address questions as the class progresses.

Recording: Registrants for this course will receive access to a recording of each session for 24 consecutive hours. Access will start the next business day after the session ends.

Must attend both sessions.

Session 1: Understanding SharePoint Online

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online Explained
  • Creating SharePoint Sites
  • Working with Communication Sites
  • Working with Team Sites
  • Working with Notebooks and Recent Files
  • SharePoint Online Document Basics
  • Sync to Local Machines

Session 2: Configuring SharePoint Online

  • Enabling external access to SharePoint
  • Creating and Managing File/Folder Alerts
  • Controlling File/Folder Access and Sharing
  • Adding/Editing Column Properties
  • The Check-Out/Check-In Process
  • Working with Version History
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams

This class is offered by request only. If you are interested in this class, please fill out the Training Waitlist form and we’ll contact you with scheduling information.

Custom/Private Training

We also offer this training for individual firms who want to arrange a group session at a time that’s convenient for them. Group rates are available. Contact us to schedule a group session.