Final Site Design in Civil 3D

$525 per person (in the US and Canada) | 8 CPC/CEU credits

Completing a Final Site Design in a residential project is no small task. It requires much more than basic Civil 3D skills. It requires advanced knowledge for refining surfaces, handling intersections and other complex road conditions, along with detailed section and volume controls. This course focuses on helping students understand, and actively apply, the most commonly misunderstood and under-used Civil 3D tools on a practical Residential Site Project. Fine tuning the initial site design for accuracy and detail is the capability that will take you - and your staff - from CAD user to Civil Designer.

This eight (8) hour course is delivered in four (4), two-hour long sessions that students can attend online, right from their own desk. A live instructor will explain the detailed functions, and address questions as the class progresses.

Note: Instructor will present using Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2024. Students who wish to follow along with instructor are encouraged to use the same version.

Recording: Registrants for this course will receive access to a recording of each session for 7 consecutive days. Access will start the next business day after the session ends.

Must attend all four sessions.

Session 1: Refining Proposed Surfaces

  • Understanding Surface Build Options
  • Controlling Surfaces by Order of Build Operations
  • Manual Surface Editing Tools
  • Simplify and Smooth Surfaces
  • Simple Volume Calculations
  • Creating Cut/Fill Maps & Grids
  • Creating Steep Slope Analysis Maps

Session 2: Intersection & Cul-de-sac Design

  • Building Cul-de-sac Profiles
  • Creating Cul-de-sac Assemblies
  • Creating & Working with multiple Baselines
  • Adding Multiple Assemblies to a design
  • Understanding Intersection Wizard
  • Setting Offsets & Targets
  • Working with Regions
  • Creating & Assigning Assembly sets
  • Intersection Surfaces

Session 3: Developing Sections

  • Creating Sample Lines
  • Working with Swatch & Frequency Values
  • Generating Section Views
  • Creating Draft and Production Sections
  • Editing Sections and Section Views
  • Projecting Objects to Sections
  • Labeling Sections
  • Sampling Section Source Data

Session 4: Volume Calculations

  • Simple Volume Calculations
  • Working with Grading Group Volumes
  • Creating Cut/Fill Maps & Grids
  • Generating Sectional (Avg. End Area) Volumes
  • Generating Mass Haul Diagrams
  • Elevation & Slope Banding Surface Styles

This class is offered by request only. If you are interested in this class, please fill out the Training Waitlist form and we’ll contact you with scheduling information.